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As you man know I was at a convention on the weekend and just yesterday we had a brand new Grandson come, so I have been very busy and thought I would simply post some of my notes from the conference as I have little time to write...I think you will like them just fine.
This is an essay I wrote about my plans for the future when I was in college.
A poem in two parts... In this first part I write about how seeking happiness in the future we loose our happiness today...
What was learned when I took off on a quest to cleave the spiritual 'me' from the rest in order to observe it's purity. A journey into the reasons for self loathing.
If I could have a glimpse at my future I would turn it down. This article tells you why.
I thought I had won the battle against cancer, but the Emperor of all maladies won in the end.
I am writing this letter in the hopes that you are going to read it.
poem about wondering what being together is all about and having expectations change as time passes by and remembering how everything started
Our life is time bound. Whatever past is past. The future is uncertain. But the present moment in our hands is certain. Let us live this moment with God, in God and for God.
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