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This is an essay I wrote about my plans for the future when I was in college.
What was learned when I took off on a quest to cleave the spiritual 'me' from the rest in order to observe it's purity. A journey into the reasons for self loathing.
If I could have a glimpse at my future I would turn it down. This article tells you why.
From 2010 Automated trading system was generated to trade in the market more than 70 percent of stocks are traded in recorded in NYSE and Nasdaq exchanges.
I am writing this letter in the hopes that you are going to read it.
It is a poem about the love and its feeble nature
What are some of the other ways to invest in Gold other than Futures and Options?
I wonder if a hundred years from now, that is of course our species still exists, will others look to our history and question what we are doing? Would they be proud of our success and evolution or will they have a different outlook.
Investment is for long-term wealth creation, speculation is a gamble to gain short-term profits
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