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Online writers formed as a community and devised an endeavors to learn some basic internet marketing to pursue their causes. Their goals consists of interacting through forum activities that could enhanced their online knowledge.
She left me without a word and I suffered the loneliness of my being. Until now, my feelings still the same - loving her the way it used to be.
A happy partner needs a joyous outlook in relationships and life.
Alone and lonely which aroused my innermost feelings to be with her, hoping for her for my solitude.
Loving her truly from the past until at present, with her loving memories still lingers on until eternity.
Man is capable of conceptual thought, which distinguishes him from other creatures on earth. His mind has the power to stand out of himself and become the object of his own reflections. The power of his mind has enabled man to become the object of his own reflections.
Usually, when we relive our past experiences, especially about the families, we bring out both the positive and negative feelings the pleasant and unpleasant memories. These pleasant memories energize us and give us a feeling of gratitude. They are never a problem, except when they ...
Taming is like winning the heart of a person. Certainly taming needs time. It is a long process of discovering each other’s real nature. Friends need time to discover each other’s qualities. You need time to disclose the real you, to be open, to trust, to accept each other.
Life is great! I can live the life I chose to be. Now, I have to go on with my life though because this is my choice, the choice of success in everything I've done. Never looking back for anything that makes me feel the rigors of life, and I never wanted to aim higher for which I am ...
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