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Gamblers suffer from personality disorders and other mental issues. Pathological gambling can ruin the life of the gambler and his or her family.
I am a gambling addict, have been for many years. I started aged 18 by walking in a local gambling arcade and putting that 1st coin in the slot. If I had known where that would lead me, I would never have stepped foot into that arcade. I am now 53 years old and do not know when I will...
An article about how gambling can progress from a recreational hobby to a gambling addiction and can become more than just fun.
I've known of gambling addiction,and its consequence,but it took an inside guy,and a victim,to show me the darkest side of it.
Playing games are fun and some you can stand to make some money at them.
When I gamble at a casino, I want to see more than other gamblers. I want atmosphere!
Do you enter writing competitions to make money or gain prestige? Do you ever worry it's becoming an addiction like any other?
Just as gambling evolved from divinatory practices of early societies, the tools of gambling evolved from ritualized objects--stones, sticks, nuts, shells, and bones. Small bones, particularly knucklebones (astragali) became the direct predecessors of modern dice.
My Husband Has A Problem With Gambling That I Knew About Before We Got Married. I - Naively, Thought He Would Stop Now That He Has a Wedding Ring On His Finger. How Wrong Was I!
How do casinos make their money? Do systems work ? This article written by a former dealer explains in a simple manner why casinos don't have to cheat and why "systems" don't work.
Many people are getting hooked to gambling activities. They see gambling as a way to forget their problems. Some people use gambling activities to unwind from a hard day’s work. Some people simply enjoy gambling. They view gambling as a form of recreation.
Gambling is a game of chance. That means you have a chance to win and a chance to lose in gambling. Most of us know that you are more likely to lose in gambling than to win in gambling. This is due to the fact that the chance to win in gambling is not equal to the chance to los...
Internet gambling addiction is a very serious problem. Internet gambling addiction is more serious when the economy is in a recession. The problem is that when people are jobless, they have a lot of free time and they are desperate. Internet gambling addiction can start very inn...
Gambling addiction is as serious as heroin addiction. While the effect of heroin addiction is on the physical body, the effect of gambling addiction harms you emotionally and mentally. Gambling addiction causes people to steal, lie, rob and destroy many happy families. The effe...
Gambling and gambling addiction are two entirely different matters. To use a simple illustration, gambling and gambling addiction are like drinking coffee and coffee addiction.
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