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This is an article about betting the over & under in sports gambling
The Publisher's Clearing House Scratch off ticket led me to believe that I won $25.000. I was already dreaming of a new car! Please read if you want details, pictures and facts!
Online gambling has now established itself to be one of the top internet marketing thing, many people have turned to it given that all you need in betting is to just analyse your teams and have some starting funds. Though it can be addictive and leads to lose of money, at many times p...
Opinion piece on the need for social freedom in India
In my early teens, until I joined the United States Marine Corps, I worked on a cattle ranch in southern Utah. In the nearest town there was one bar, they called it the Tip-Top-Club and at the end of each season all the cowboys gathered there to drink and play cards, just like in the ...
A short story about a father and his daughter's trip to Las Vegas his last year of life.
Professional Sports is loaded with people making and losing money by gambling on the outcomes.
You may or may not know I was born and lived most of my life in Las Vegas. You know those stories about losing everything in Vegas? This is NOT one of them! $$$
The casino is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This article will show the different types of things that this casino offers to their guests that comes to the casino.
Are you tired of browsing publication after publication, and also web site after website simply to obtain some swift gaming strategies? Well I found one place that is ideal for your gambling queries: was created to provide you all the strategies you require sitting ri...
Just as gambling evolved from divinatory practices of early societies, the tools of gambling evolved from ritualized objects--stones, sticks, nuts, shells, and bones. Small bones, particularly knucklebones (astragali) became the direct predecessors of modern dice.
The roots of gambling and gambling tools can be traced back thousands of years to religious ceremonies conducted by many pre-historic societies. Wide-spread cultural evidence indicates that early man created many rituals specifically to foretell the future or explain what was beyond ...
A 100 word Drabble about the bookies always come out on top, The artwork was done by myself.
To save more of what you earn, have enough discipline to control your luxury-loving tendencies, spend less for parties and non-essentials, and control you inclination to gamble and borrowing large sums of money not within your capacity to pay on time.
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