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Humankind has an underlying collective consciousness that is built-in for our survival. Having been placed at the apex of all species, we have a higher task. We can be the lord of all we survey but that comes with responsibilities too – let our actions resonate them.
There is zero tolerance in their society since the beginning of civilization in India. The Africans do not kill their clan fellows or those who have married in their clan.
We bind ourselves in chains with our actions working at cross purposes; unable to break free from issues that are sort of old wine in new bottle. Our potential lies hidden like our inner voice. Time to wake up and do what is right than be taken for a ride by wily few. Democracy is li...
Our inner yearnings are clear from time immemorial though we are blinded by those that that prove fleeting leading to Pyrrhic victories at most. Peace is eminently attainable with nature and other species showing the way and history is our teacher. Let us sit together to chart our pa...
India became free in 1947, but all credit for this cannot be given to Gandhi.
We know the answers for a much better world but the change has to come from us through self-realization. It is against nature’s way to treat us differently by giving us what we want on a silver platter over and above the basics. We should have the wisdom to shed some mental baggage ...
Bose and Tagore are treated as holy cows in Bengal, but a closer look shows taht they had feet of clay.
Gandhi was a man interested in his image and for this he could do anything like letting Bhagat Singh hang.
Gandhi is a holy cow in Indian history. No doubt he played a pivitol role in the 20th century, but there is another view of his activities. I hope I can generate some discussion on this topic.
Thoughtless actions motivated by playing to the gallery for domestic consumption are stoking the flames of tension and war. When there are more pressing issues at home, why look for trouble far away unless it is just a smokescreen to keep the attention away from inconvenient truths. ...
Removing injustices within our society will usher in peace and coexistence. Our leaders should have the courage to fight for truth and justice relentlessly. Our future might well depend on how we succeed in our endeavor towards this righteous path. Wisdom lies in inclusive approach to...
This article talks about a little known book written by Gandhi himself. It will speak volumes to anyone who will read it. Try to find a copy of it, and spend an hour or two, with this great man. You will not be sorry that you did so.
Gandhi Bose and Nehru are great figures in Indian history. They had their own egos and Gandhi and Nehru sided against Bose, who ploughed a lonely furrow.
Origin of the word boycott and how it became a peaceful way to struggle.
Gandhi is a great man , but he had chinks and considered blacks and Lower caste Hindus as inferior. More research in this field needs to be done.
Leaders from across the world paid deserving tribute to a great leader of our times. And people everywhere felt a personal loss. Let us take the next momentous step in our march to peace and freedom to make Mandela's life leave a lasting legacy.
Gandhi and Bose had diverse views about how to fight the British. Bose left Gandhi and joined the Axis powers, while Gandhi continued in his path of non-violence
Bose and Gandhi are both lions of the Indian freedom struggle. Bose opposed Gandhi's peaceful methods, but his success was limited.
Bhagat Singh a revolutionary challenged Gandhi for the leadership of the independence movement. Gandhi would not allow it and refused to raise a finger to save Bhagat Singh. Some opine he may have conspired in this matter
It was not easy but they did it. Sacrificed their lives and fought with the rulers to give 30 crore countrymen a better future. Let's learn about them and let's learn from them.
Gandhi was shot dead bu Godse in 1948. Sentiments in India are not entirely against Godse and many consider he did the right thing.
The Ides of March are famous for when Julius Caesar was killed. Others too have days of remembrance for their assassinations and there will probably be a lot more. This page was inspired by Steve Kinsman's recent star page - Big Donors Send a Letter to Obama, and a Possible Solar Po...
Genius are born from a simple thinking. Later they develop the same into greater thinking and finally to the great.
Our thoughts and actions originate from the same source. Moral dualism is at play every moment and it is up to us to overcome the challenges posed by them. We should never forget this is a shared world underpinned by coexistence and harmony.
Gandhi led India's freedom movement against the British Raj, but some of his actions defy any defense.
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