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Check out various garden soils and nutrients that it requires on a daily basis. The big three nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are required by all kinds of garden soils. You can also read about some other minerals that you can use to enrich the soil.
I currently have three trees I am growing in my apartment courtyard and a houseplant I take care of every day inside of my apartment. (Also, I am working with a small Korean Air Plant/House Vine hanging off the branch of one of my trees) So, I know of whence I write of: Also, I have a...
Turn your garden into a work of art that is useful at the same time ina few easy steps.
Each country in the world has numerous national symbols to protect its national identity. In addition to the nation's flag and its anthem, the majority of countries have also flowers like national symbols. I’m going to present you some of the most beautiful and gentle examples of th...
When a garden has been left for too long, it often becomes overgrown and in need of a clean-up. Garden clearances are a great way to get your garden back into shape by trimming the hedges, removing the weeds, mowing the lawn and throwing away the rubbish. This guide will help you lear...
The following article provides a brief overview of broadleaf trees. Broadleaf trees are known for their autumn colors, bare winter branches, and spring flowers, which develop intro fruits year round.
If you're hosting a garden party a variety of foods can be included. At a garden party you can include both cooked foods, and those that do not require any cooking. Here are a few suggestions for your garden party.
Now that Mother and Father have gone to church, Father carrying the letter of my release from our church, I need to start thinking about my birthday celebration that is coming up in just a few hours.
One of the most important features of hydroponic systems is the cost saving aspect. So it makes sense not to break the bank in setting your system up.
This post is all about the garden slabs and its benefits. And how it can improve your garden.
All monkeys followed the suggestion given by the leader. By evening all the plants in the garden were lying on the ground.
Marigold flowers are a very popular garden flower, a beautiful yellow flower that add cheer and brightness to any garden and they are among some of the easiest flowers to grow..
With my Home and Garden, I had been facing a few problems which I solved by constructing a pair of Vermi-compost pits in between the home and the garden.
I love this poem. I wrote it a fair few years ago. It is one of my better attempts I believe. Would love to hear what others have to say. My thoughts and ideas behind writing the verse was that it could potentially be used in some form of advertising campaign. I would simply be made u...
The world is growing older. The number of old people, retired people is increasing. The leisure time and work time acquires more importance. One needs to plan the utilization so that time is properly utilized. Article writing or just relaxing, every little thing needs to be organized.
Zoey, Duece, Mom, Chloe and Bernard ran for their lives when they left the Stone House. Mom finally got the bleeding stopped on Zoey's head. That bat had taken a nice little chunk out of Zoey's head. Now mom was afraid Zoey would get rabies. Zoey was in her room reading her spy nove...
Randal's brother-in-law James has agreed to help Bobby get to the Army Hospital to visit his mom. He's asked for a few days to come up with a feasible plan. James wants everything to go smoothly.
Blazer helps with the gardening on a hot spring day.
Quick tips to improve your vegetable and flower gardens throughout the spring and summer seasons.
Keeping a garden blooming and fresh needs lot of effort. The fruits of the labor are well worth it. Garden plants, houseplants, herbs, water plants and vegetables grow well with a little care. Here are some tips to start you off on your kitchen garden odyssey.
In the middle of my garden, there is a stand of assorted trees about 20-25 feet high and 20 feet around. A few feet away standing in long grass, another slightly smaller stand that is now blocking the entrance to a small wooden shed that's grey with age. They appear to be very old, an...
to fill the time off work we fished was a very pleasant thing, we do not need a large area to start planting, use of vacant land surrounding the home page is an interesting thing. we can start by planting vegetables and seasonings for cooking needs, at least, can save money shopping b...
South India with its unique culture has some marvellous places that tourists whether single or with family will enjoy immensely. Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu form a big triangle having wonderful palaces, gardens and zoos. Tourists especially prefer hill stations during summer month...
South India is an exotic tourist destination. It abounds in culture and diversity. Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala are South Indian states discussed here. Find tourist hotspots you should look for.
Indian flowers do not require special garden soil preparation though they could always use some nutrition in the form of fertilizers or compost soil. Indian states have their own flowers.
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