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Adding a dessert plate garnish adds the third element needed for a perfect dessert.
The proof is in the pineapple. It seems to add the right sweetness and acidity.
Currently in season, wild garlic is a little known delicacy that goes with almost anything. Read on to find out what it is, how to eat it, and just how versatile it is.
Lemons are a very popular citrus fruit which we incorporate into our lives in various ways and uses. I have five well producing lemon trees; two planted in the ground and two in pots. They are very decorative as plants; and most useful in a healthy daily diet; and pretty as well. I...
Vegetable carving is fun to learn and fun to do and fun to eat. It will amaze your friends and guests and certainly delight children (might even coax them into eating more veg and fruit!).
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