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This is the first chapter and second part of a fictional story that begins with World War 3. It is all about survival in extreme conditions. There will be compassion, love and strength among survivors. You will see strength that comes form the human soul.
Do you enjoy eating out? Have you ever seen how they prepare your food?
A 71 years old man named Chen Dejun from Shuijiang township, Nanchuan area of southwest China’s Chongquing region is drinking gasoline as Elixer.
In the first part of the blueprint of electric car conversion, I mentioned why this technological advancement is now the rave of the moment.
I seem to recall a time when high grades reflected a sign of higher intelligence. Here are some areas where we obviously are lacking a passing grade and possible ideas for improvement, lest we repeat past failures.
This articles explain why it is important to keep your engine running smoothly for winter.
In 2009, the United States imports an average of 11,691 barrels of crude oil per day. Would not it be fantastic if we could eliminate our dependency on foreign oil producers? According to Green Freedom, a research group of the Los Alamos National Laboratories, there is a way to do jus...
Fire is a destructive force that burns up and destroys everything that it touches. Fire can destroy lives, homes, businesses, schools, property, and dreams or hopes of a family, community or individual. Fire and fire extinguishing agents are defined into four different classifications...
This article discusses items to be considered before leasing or buying an alternative fuel vehicle.
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