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Some thoughts and information regarding the upcoming International Rainbow Gathering being held somewhere in the State of Montana from July 1-7, 2013.
~sometimes roaming~learning secrets~developing habits~protective of my space in crowds~a lobo & a lamb chop~community possessions~legitimate assemblage~the questionable integrity of strangers all~
Those days before television people had to devise ways, to obtain entertainment.
This is also another suggested recipe for potluck ideas for work. The instructions below are simple and easy to make prepare for 12 servings.
Potluck is gathering of people with each one preparing new dish and sharing amongst each other. People are following this religious kind of origin from ancient times. Here are few recipes that you can prepare for a potluck.
Potluck ideas involve some games and fun activities along with the pre-cooked meal. Here is a piece of information about the potluck ideas at work.
This is a long bedtime story I told my children. It took me more than one week to tell because I told snippets of it night after night.
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