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In the West Bank, a Palestinian stabbed a young settler. In Tel Aviv, a soldier was injured. Israel fears a new Palestinian uprising.
Gaza in the cross hairs: Shortly after the beginning of the First World War, the city is bombarded by Italian warships. Many of the inhabitants fled. The rest will be forcibly evacuated.
Current Obama administration is clearly inept and confused about terrorism and nature of Islamic ideology.
ISIS, one of the most brutal terrorist organizations in recent times, can be stopped only if their Sugar Daddy, Saudi Arabia stops funding terrorist activities, not only in Iraq but around the world. Chechnya, Indonesia, Africa, MiddleEast and many others receive millions and millions...
20,000 came out in support of Israel in Kolkata, India. This was very heartening for the beleaguered country of Israel which experiences a constant global disparagement over its conflict with Hamas, terrorist network in Gaza.
Another 72 hour ceasefire is about to end and Hamas is feeling the pressure from its people in Gaza who are suffering from the toll on their lives: physical, mental and economic. Both Israel and Egypt have put a partial economic block on Gaza.
The historical background behind todays violent reprisals in the Mid-East.
The practice of genocide against the Jews leading up to today's conflict in Gaza.
The parties are still at daggers drawn and the daggers are now missiles and fatal Israeli air strikes. The world players are selling his arms and ammunition to both parties and is crying wolf also. The fluctuating stances of world powers in the world arena are the major cause of this ...
The United States is Israel's staunchest supporter in the world. As such, it is complicit in the crimes against humanity now being unleashed by Israel in the Gaza Strip.
Gaza's Palestinian people have been bombarded now for three weeks by the Israeli military under the guise of "self-defense." This is an unconscionable act of war and it must stop.
This is what I think of the UN, Israel and Palestinians┬┤s right to live in peace in what has always been their country.
John Kerry completely messed up the peace process between Israel and Hamas by arriving with an anti-Israel agenda.
An opinion piece equating Nero's fiddling as Rome burned with how President Obama is handling the crises confronting him today.
Peta and Hamas are connected; they both love animals. Peta loves them while Hamas loves to strap them with explosives to kill Israelis.
Is the Missile system that Israel uses from God? Does God then take sides?
Some Israelis are gathering on a hill overlooking Gaza to cheer when Israeli bombs explode and light up the sky.
A ray of hope has sprung forth in Israel and Gaza, as bereaved families on both sides come together.
This condition has resulted in numerous human rights atrocities of war unanswered. Because of a very long war has been the source gave the extraordinary cruelty.
Conventionally speaking we find ourselves expecting to see an Angel dressed in white and flying around with a set of wings, however, we may just want to rethink that vision.
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