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Based on the market data, one can conclude that the worse than expected results pushed the US dollar to weaken against other currencies. While euro was strengthened by upbeat results in the euro zone, downbeat data in the US pushed the currency pair EUR/USD above 1.12 level.
All the global ills can be traced to the wrong understanding of ‘development’ as mere GDP growth. People need holistic development to enhances their true well-being and happiness.
Unlike rest of the world, the tiny kingdom of Bhutan in Himalayas does not use GDP as a measure of progress. It uses what it calls the Gross National Happiness! It is a holistic ideology that considers people's well being from many different angles in addition to economics; such as sp...
Now a days more countries are wishing to boost biotech industry, for food safety and energy concervation.
In this report, macroeconomic performance of Russian economy for 1995-2008 period is analyzed. Questions regarding phases of business cycle in 2008 is answered, national statistics of real GDP growth, unemployment and inflation rates are provided using relevant data and graphs. Additi...
the resurgence of the golden period seems impossible for the great mascot of European Union in foreseeable time.
While a crisis and corruptions are two kissing parties- A Scenario evolved to watch and stand alone!
For the developed nations, underpopulation is not a good idea at all. Though it may not be recommended to developing nations as well, because this will also kill the little production they generate and hence a fall in the nation's economy.
For each of the indicators there is a paragraph to explain the effects on businesses in general if they are rising.
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