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American Football, far different from its distant cousins Rugby and Soccer, is one of the most popular games in the USA. It sure is also an odd ball of a game.
This essay is about one of the most devious crime in our society- female foeticide. It talks about gender bias in real world and differences in power sharing among men and women.It talks about laws in this respect and also ends on a positive note.
Why female virginity still matters in the modern society
It has been observed that the mothers have been liking their sons more than their daughters. This used to be thought for the social backwardness but now it is proved that it is instinctive and natural.
Challenging the notion put forth in an online article that women fail in business and politics because they are too emotional, too poor at math and not risk takers. I say that the biggest barriers to women's success in these arenas is the gender bias that still exists in many parts o...
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