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This a small piece of familial and archeological comparison and evidence manifested in my relationship with my spouse be it on politics, poetry and other mundane things.
Today we look at one of the most influential women during the civil rights movements. We will briefly look at the life of Rosa Parks
This is my first page here at Wikinut... and my first article is about gender equality. Here's a by Nancy Smith entitled, "For Every Woman"
What does the latest Human Development Report(HDR) from UNDP says about the World and India?
This articles portrays sexuality and the choices that are made by human beings.
Schools are useful vehicles through which gender inequality can be tackled.
Today, 19 November, is observed as the International Men’s day. It is an occasion to think of men who are running around to make their dependendents live happily. Men care for their wives and children. They should be honored in family and society. A happy wife or mom at home can ma...
This article is about the partiality in Jobs. Gender is not a factor for jobs
Gender equality is only words, some time, when in reality we still see many women have been treated unfair by their men.
Wollstonecraft sheds light on the fact that women are subjugated into their subordinate position through flattery―innocent, delicate, feminine, and beautiful. Women are praised for their “fair defects” of character and revered as “angels” or “girls,” rather than being c...
Sex has been a vital force in every civilization. It has played an important role in toppling governments and starting new dynasties. Here is a short note on the history of sex in the Indian civilization.
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