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God continues his discourse with Moses regarding the feasts that must be kept when they arrive in their promised land. Much emphasis is placed on the keeping of Sabbaths and the number seven.
'Star Wars : Episode VII The Force Awakens' will appear 38 years after the first Star Wars episode to have ever been released in theatres. The coming episode will then gather fans of all ages and may thus appeal to families. The commercial version of Sphero's BB-8 is set to enterta...
What was the purpose of the first crop circles upon this your once new world? Your “authentic” history continues in its "unfolding." – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
What WERE some of the creatures of the air, sea, fresh waters, mountain ranges, prairie grasslands, and were they indeed of a carnivorous nature? – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
Now, how could so many diverse species of what you call “animals” be brought to this new world from so many other worlds? How did our forefathers and foremothers do it? OR were they already here? – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
Truth-seekers and the open-minded seem to be two categories that are exclusive to each other. While the former profess indubitable thirst for knowledge, they filter the facts and accept them selectively as they suit them. On the other hand, the open-minded intelligently absorb the f...
We should have never let the small farmers to abandon their farms and land and what has always been traditional and good agriculture.
The best way to show our gratitude for the time we are given here is by sowing the right seeds for us and others to reap the fruits that will sustain and enhance our lives. However, we are getting carried away with a lifestyle to make the sacrifices made by our forefathers futile. Tim...
Now everyone can buy gadgets. A lot of us who life today between in two of worlds, the first is the real world and the second is virtual world. All thanks to tablets, phones, computers and also all the gadgets that we have. But ~ "Let's Raise Your Head for a More Beautiful...!" ~
My father has been blessed with longevity. Recently a new great-grandson was born and he was honored when he met and held him for the first time.
When a doctor/lawyer can make their son/daughter inherit their professions, shouldn't a politician form another politician of his son/daughter?
Would you say that the battle of the sexes is over? Perhaps it was always just a battle of roles. Roles which used to be more clearly delineated between men and women. Are these now more about personalities than gender?
This article is about the pros and cons of running after your stardom dream. It's a timeless article that brings to the table a variety of social revolutions that we saw since the 60s'. Targeting both the Entertainment industry workers and followers. We have a subject matter as we use...
I am astonished by the brevity of time-lines and how much change happens in a single generation. How do we engage with these things in the writing of fiction or other kinds of narrative?
Music..How it was and how it is now. The Generational differences in 'How We Hear It' Read on to find out more...
Bridging generation gap. It is not a matter of which generation is superior than the other but understanding how both meet at a certain level where they could work in perfect harmony.
I was a do-it-myself-er before it was cool, and I came by it honestly. I used to beg my mom for something "storebought" but thank goodness, now home-made is the new chic, because it was an often funny means of survival in our brood.
We can't nowadays say what we want to with a hope that others will accept just because we say so ------Today's child is the father of tomorrows man
In the globalized world sexually transmitted infections are increasing at an alarming rate. Awareness programs and welfare schemes of governments have reduced the number of deaths by these infectious diseases. But on the whole premarital and extramarital sex are leading humanity towa...
Red is the mark of danger. The whole world is wearing red ribbons announcing the dangerous increase of the sexually transmitted infections, especially of HIV Virus. Promiscuity and free sex, boosted and encouraged by media has resulted in an alarming increase of sexually transmitted d...
This article is about the generation gape which gives good things if we use it in a good manner.
Someone just composed a poem, about how he passed his thirty years. This is my sequel to his modern version, of a newer lover's congregation
Educate a boy, he will take care of his family! Educate a Girl, she will take care of the generations to come by educating them.
"Two hemispheres wrinkled by the past – profound inheritance of bygone generations..."
Change - what's new? It is inevitable, terrifying and constant. Many fear it. Many try to hide from it. But what, if anything, are older generations missing out on if the do not embrace it?
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