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Genetics is not a root cause of homosexuality, but choice is. DNA is not the factor but rather it is a freely given lifestyle.
Fruit flies the stand-in for humans to fight diseases that are widespread allowing us to hopefully find an answer on how to prevent and treat many diseases.
As a natural consequence of his/her birth, a person inherits genetic information from all his/her ancestors, but all these genes are not active all the time to inspire the person to be like them. Most often, a person is genetically linked to one or more of his/her six ancestors - pare...
It's all about that--taste? Not so in the case of our flightless friends the penguins!These incredibly fascinating creatures march to the beat of their own drum. Birds in general often don't have much in the way of taste receptors, so savoring a seafood platter is not on the menu for ...
Knowing what the future has in store for us is amazing. This short write may give us a peek to what the future generation will experience that we holding on to this lifetime will never have a chance to see..
An illness called hopoxia comes about from a lack of oxygen to the tissues, apart from feeling very ill, it can be fatal, Some of the symptom are nausea, vomiting, lethargy, confusion and breathlessness. A mild form of this can be experienced by climbing mountains, and this is why m...
This was a fun piece to write as I really did not know where it was going...or where it came from...but that happens often with my apologies to anyone who takes it have indeed a big hurdle to overcome...enjoy
So much goes on on these wikinut pages and I have many loving friends here and also those who are not...but those who in againstness be will find themselves dying slowly and painfully.. that is the Law of those who are in loving God bless...
All of us think of happiness and pursuit of happiness. It is therefore essential to understand what is happiness and how to pursue it.
Pros and Cons of GMO's in Medicine. How they can potentially help our bodies and the unknown horizons of GMO's, along with the predictions for the near future.
Hazara people who mainly lives in Afghanistan and Quetta Pakistan is a persian speaking people.
It's high time the human race applied knowledge we have including DNA to evaluate our lives
From science-fiction to reality, the concept of human cloning is a highly controversial issue. Using foetal and embryonic stem cells to abate disease merits serious ethical concerns in research, raising the question, does life begin at conception?
An introduction to having red hair, the gene and bullying.
An overview of the mechanics of Mendelian inheritance, including the three basic types, Punnett squares, and exceptions.
Hair loss is not only for women, men also suffering from hairless. Due to imbalance diet and due to other life style activities they are loosing hairs
Genitals mark most people as being either male or female. Human wishes, desires and jealousies notwithstanding, their type, size and configuration are usually issues genetically predetermined.
We have no choice about the circumstances of our beginnings. What happens, though, as we advance through life, involves more than the fate of birth but is directed by the direction and strength of our own will.
Finally, the wikinut Hospital is here. I have been making plans on this right after my 10th article publication. It is all about the awareness campaign and i need not work with the World Health Organization before I do this. in my own little way as a Medical practitioner I feel I owe ...
Oncogenes: A broad category on possible cancer formation.
A genetic disorder is caused by abnormalities in genes or chromosomes. Some disorders are passed down by the parents called heritable disorder and some disorders are caused by new mutations or changes in the DNA. Single gene disorders are an example of heritable disorders, which is ca...
SCID: What is it? How do you get it? How to treat it, and how to prevent it.
There are more than six billion of us on the planet, each a unique individual. But the African philosophy of Ubuntu concentrates on our shared humanity.
Bipolar Disorder is quickly becoming a “hot” mental health disorder throughout the media, thanks to a few celebrities and sports starts that have come out, so to speak. While there is still research about bipolar disorder’s roots still going on, many inquire about its roots. Is...
Perhaps many of our perception on race and racism, is fuel by our cultural environment.
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