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I am not sure what to make of Prime Minister David Cameron's recent claim that Jeremy Corbyn hates Britain. Is it deliberate, deplorable, party political demagoguery or does it point to a profound, authentic failure of insight and empathy? Which man loves or hates Britain more? I offe...
In this second instalment of my "conscious coupling" of Barbados' Reverends Holmes Williams and America's William Holmes McGuffey I explore the connections with earthly government that affected their ministries. How did these unquestionable "servants of the Kingdom of heaven" reconci...
The right wing is apoplectic over Barack Obama's executive action decreeing amnesty for certain aliens that entered this country illegally. They forget that several Republican presidents did exactly the same thing.
The definition of insanity is trying to solve problems by doing the same things that failed the first time over and over again, and that is precisely what Barack Obama is doing in the middle east.
An investigation into Saddam Hussein's use and concealment of WMDs.
The Biography Channel dug deep, giving viewers a behind the scenes glimpse into the world of the rich and famous with episodes featuring videos and biographies of stars who have experienced ghost sightings and other paranormal activity. New episodes with personal accounts are offered ...
You can see the cross in many locations and many people wear it as jewelry. But, do they understand the implications?
Richard Clarke, who warned the Bush administration repeatedly that an attack from al-Qaeda was imminent, and was ignored and vilified for his efforts, has now accused the top officials of the Bush administration of war crimes.
We often hear what wars cost in monetary terms, but we never hear of what they cost in human terms.
The Climate Change Debate continues, shining a light on The Right that is most likely detrimental to their efforts to elect a conservative president.
"America is addicted to oil" says President George W.Bush, but is there a promising future for Humanity in the Oil Industry?
Odd jobs from George W. Bush getting punked to selling tourist maps of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Americans have short memories, and George W. Bush's popularity, which when he left office stood at 23 or 24 percent, is now the same as Barack Obama's - 47 percent. After today's dedication of his presidential library, it will undoubtedly climb higher.
If I live in Germany, I will never become a German; if I live in Moscow I will never be a Russian and if I live in Mexico I will never be considered a Mexican. But, immigrate to the US and after a period of time, a test and a ceremony you will be welcomed as an American.
It is to be hoped that never again will the people of this nation be led into another war by a pack full of lies.
On the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War, we look back and ask: what did we accomplish?
This is part two of a brief history of how America has now become a fascist, corporate state.
Mitt Romney and how clueless he is when it comes to everyday Americans.
We take a look at why, in this observer's opinion, Bill Clinton was as bad a president as George W. Bush, and perhaps even worse.
Dick Cheney got a new heart. Did he ever have one to begin with?
Despite a military operation into its eleventh year and the "defeat" of the Taliban, Afghanistan remains a hotbed of extremism, politically, religiously, socially and in the context of the War on Terror. This week's riots in response to incidental NATO burnings of the Koran only demon...
Sure, the al-Assad regime isn't exactly your grandma when when it comes to friendliness and respect for basic human rights, but why are the United States and European Union focusing on Syria? Of all the liberty and freedom-killing regimes in the Middle East, Syria is but one. In fact,...
A slick campaigner even as President, Barack Obama is able to deflect intense criticism through carefully crafted speeches and support from many unable to admit his numerous failures. But the "at least he's better than/blame Bush" rebuttal doesn't cut the mustard now, especially since...
The rich people avoid taxes is very common. But these rich people want to pay higher taxes.
This story is about an indian student , read on to know more :)
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