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As my friend Anthony, had discovered. Here is his spine chilling tale which had taken place some time ago, I thought to share it here with readers who enjoy the supernatural.
This article is a continuation of my ghetto series. This section is focused on ghetto celebrities I have known in the past.
This article is a continuation of the articles on Ghetto life. It talks about celebrities who have come from the ghetto.
Education and the hope and aspirations of children in the ghetto is far different than the education and hopes and aspirations of middle class children.
She had too Many Kids is the 7th poem in the Book of war. The Book of War is the first book in the series Testimonies of Spiritual Warfare the Anointed Version for Future Generations.
A quick poem I wrote re a man who grows up in the projects and how it is nearly impossible to break the chain.
This is just a fun very unfinished piece about a modern day Dirty Harry.
What results from the wholesale, uncaring neglect of the poorest among us in this richest of countries.
This my poem on ghetto life in developing countries
New zone brings about changes that one must either adapts to or deteriorate. You will read about dramatic situations that's capable of driving a person to total insanity.
~ She talked about the Lawrence Welk band ~ dancing while her husband performed with them ~ 87 years old ~ she closes her eyes ~ falls into a pirouette ~ I catch her & she goes home ~ a tear in her eye ~ he is long gone ~ Mister Welk too ~
~Super Mario owned the room~Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles~neighborhood waifs in sleeping piles like puppies~or kittens~counting heads & wondering~who do you belong to~five of my own~I’m never alone~always room for another child or two~Daddy’s home~
~It is a far reach to a poor child in the tenements, that of being a responsible parent~a far but attainable, necessary, and worthy reach~having done so, looking back~I catch myself wondering, what’s next, what did I miss~
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