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British medium Daniel Home was legally adopted by the ghost of Charles Lyon to be his son and heir.
The light snow, predicted for Bedford, is now turning into a mini blizzard. Eric will have to stop over at a motel somewhere; he has enough fuel to get to the Bedford Motel where he is heading for, strangely though, The further he drives, the heavier the snow seems to be falling. He w...
As my friend Anthony, had discovered. Here is his spine chilling tale which had taken place some time ago, I thought to share it here with readers who enjoy the supernatural.
I have seen lots of ghost in my life time. As a matter of fact, I see them almost every night...We all do.
The gossips have a field day when two girls who work on one of the American bases return home and are seen smoking cigarettes! Adam has some serious thoughts about life and death. His friend Baxter comes for a visit.
A tale of a man believes his long departed wife is still with him. Strange things happen which he can't explain. This man is not in any way scared of his perceived presence, in fact he's glad. I hope you enjoy the tale.
I think that hidden somewhere inside the shadows of each of us there is a ghost story waiting to be told, to be spilled across the unborn page, like blood on the floor.
Mrs. John never varies in her story; which puzzles those who doubt of the truth, or are unwilling to believe it. A servant in the neighbor's yard, adjoining to Mrs. John’s house, heard her talking to somebody an hour of the time
Last night the wind came and rattled the trees bringing a nip of cold to remind us of the coming season. We must beware.
Sometimes a haunting can happen in the oddest of places. Even in ink, like this poem that I recently penned.
Sometimes, darkness can be deceptive, other times not. In this particular tale, the reader can decide for themselves. It is based on a true incident, but the names are changed.
On 24th May, 1921 the first Comrades Marathon was run by Vic Clapham, ex World War One veteran and 34 other runners, who initiated it as a reunion. Clapham wanted to remember those who had fallen in the war by ultimate testing of body and mind, and of triumphing for his country.
The ghostly appearances of the evil ones from the darkest side of life are Things of the night. They peer from beneath your bed and even when you think you alone..OUT! OUT! They come smirking and jeering like Things of the Night.
If our minds are open to the realms around us, there is so much out there to see, to hear and to feel. Spiritually and supernaturally.
A tree stands in morning sunlight and a sad lost ghost of a boy asks if she has seen his friends.
A ghostly visit in the early morning hours left me terrified, confused and searching for answers. This is a true and accurate account of my paranormal experience in which a spirit left physical evidence of its presence.
Booooo I say!! Now be scared of the paper cutouts I demand ya!
Here is the strange story of Dawid van Schalkwyk, as told to me by his grandson Gideon van Schalkwyk who lived in Winburg in the Orange Free State, where his grand father was universally respected as an honest man.
In the spring of 1897 Mr. James Markham, a wealthy shoe manufacturer ofCape Town, was temporarily living in the little town of Montagu in the area known as the Boland,(High country) 400 miles North-east of Cape Town. Mr. Markham had had " marital-trouble with his wife," from whom he ...
"In the summer of 1881 I met a man named Johnathan Howard, a resident of Johannesburg. He was visiting Howick for his health, deluded man, and brought me a note of introduction from Mr. Lawrence Earl. I had known Earl as a captain in the British army during the Anglo-Boer war. At it...
An old farmer named Daniel Botha, farming on the outskirts of the small town of Mooi River in the Midlands of Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa was suspected by his neighbors of having murdered a smous the Dutch name for (peddler), whom he had invited to spend the night at his house.
A ghostly black dog also haunts the Good Hope Castle and has been known to attack visitors before mysteriously vanishing, leaving its "victims" unmarked...
A man on an overnight train journey had a strange encounter with a woman.
A woman lives in a house on her own. One night she heard and saw evil things. She ran away from the house never to return.
All Hallows' Eve will soon be upon us...The night for scary tales, and kids trick or treating...Draw those curtains and sit next to the fire. Warm mulled wine and freshly baked biscuits...and just the right setting for a spooky poem or two...
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