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Spirit communications between Mother and son. I always believed in Tarot , Horoscopes and the dead world. The family members go somewhere. True spirit communications took place when my 33 year old son came through and the gift is amazing. This is a true story of life, afterlife and re...
The light snow, predicted for Bedford, is now turning into a mini blizzard. Eric will have to stop over at a motel somewhere; he has enough fuel to get to the Bedford Motel where he is heading for, strangely though, The further he drives, the heavier the snow seems to be falling. He w...
As my friend Anthony, had discovered. Here is his spine chilling tale which had taken place some time ago, I thought to share it here with readers who enjoy the supernatural.
Sometimes I just have to break away from the every day and write something fun, something scary, something new, about someone who has turned blue.
A tale of a man believes his long departed wife is still with him. Strange things happen which he can't explain. This man is not in any way scared of his perceived presence, in fact he's glad. I hope you enjoy the tale.
Mrs. John never varies in her story; which puzzles those who doubt of the truth, or are unwilling to believe it. A servant in the neighbor's yard, adjoining to Mrs. John’s house, heard her talking to somebody an hour of the time
On 24th May, 1921 the first Comrades Marathon was run by Vic Clapham, ex World War One veteran and 34 other runners, who initiated it as a reunion. Clapham wanted to remember those who had fallen in the war by ultimate testing of body and mind, and of triumphing for his country.
A tree stands in morning sunlight and a sad lost ghost of a boy asks if she has seen his friends.
My page will tell a poem about a young girl that died in a house from a asthma attack and no one was there to help her.She suffered asthma problems all her life and her parents never took interest in her health at all. What kind of parents would do something like that to their own ch...
Booooo I say!! Now be scared of the paper cutouts I demand ya!
"In the summer of 1881 I met a man named Johnathan Howard, a resident of Johannesburg. He was visiting Howick for his health, deluded man, and brought me a note of introduction from Mr. Lawrence Earl. I had known Earl as a captain in the British army during the Anglo-Boer war. At it...
Being alone on a sunny day at a quiet farmhouse in a beautiful place.. Seems like a lifetime experience. Well, a lifetime experience is what it turned for the little girl who was alone on a sunny day at a farmhouse in a beautiful place, when she heard a loud cackling in her house.. Wh...
Mona Lisa - A Painting associated with eternal beauty and its smile has puzzled everyone. Can The mystery behind a beautiful portrait be so scary and dark as to scare you to Death. Read this horror story but at your Own Risk
A true incident that happened to me while a visit to a dam!
This time my four poems that lean a little on the "Dark" side
An empty house...A darkening sky...A foolish bet...Have you the nerve to walk this haunting journey with me......?
My wife's grandma, whom I had only visited on two occasions prior to her death the day before, had lived on the old the family farm in "Weenen ("Place of crying"), Kwa Zulu Natal S.A., the site of many clashes between the Boers and Shaka's warriors in 1833 and later skirmishes with ...
Did you know that the White House is haunted? Well, yes it is.
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