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The light snow, predicted for Bedford, is now turning into a mini blizzard. Eric will have to stop over at a motel somewhere; he has enough fuel to get to the Bedford Motel where he is heading for, strangely though, The further he drives, the heavier the snow seems to be falling. He w...
As my friend Anthony, had discovered. Here is his spine chilling tale which had taken place some time ago, I thought to share it here with readers who enjoy the supernatural.
Planned Parenthood has reached a new low with the harvesting of fetal bodily organs for sale.
It is Halloween. The goblins, ghosts, and witches are ready to make an appearance. Two boys, ready to get their share of Halloween’s delights, walk alone on what appears to be a deserted street. As they pass the town’s largest mansion, which has been empty for years, they encounte...
This is a review of a fascinating novel...i dont know where Clemens is getting his information but it is pretty intense. There is much reality contained therein...hope you will enjoy..
Sometimes it's hard to tell the mortals from the undead when Halloween comes around.
The scariest things in life are not the things you can't see, but the things that you CAN.
"Ah, finally, you have come. We have been expecting you, Ghoul Headmaster; please follow me to your room." And at the same time, there was a distant sound of a light switch as it came on from that same window.
"I study in the late evenings." "That's nice to know. I believe that education is an integral part of every ones lives." "Very true, Sir." Again, there was a long silence. Mike broke the ice. "So, what subject do you study, and where?"
'Hello, Mike, how...' Suddenly, her words were cut as the line was cut abrubtly. At the same time, the door bell sounded. She turned off the kettle and made her way into the hall to open it. There was an eye piece on the door and she stared through it. 'There's no one there.' She tu...
'Why are you slowing down?' Asked Mike, his eyes still on the tablet. Again, there was no response. Butthe moment he raised his head up and looked at the glass in front, he noticed that the driver's eyes hadturned a scarlet red and from out his mouth, live worms were emerging.
Mike sighed and sat at the kitchen table. He loved Nancy alot and was concerned about her obsession with the old derelict high school. She would not ever talk about it openly. It was as if she was keeping something from him, some dark secret about what was there down below, or worst s...
An old farmer named Daniel Botha, farming on the outskirts of the small town of Mooi River in the Midlands of Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa was suspected by his neighbors of having murdered a smous the Dutch name for (peddler), whom he had invited to spend the night at his house.
A ghostly black dog also haunts the Good Hope Castle and has been known to attack visitors before mysteriously vanishing, leaving its "victims" unmarked...
The African-Caribbean folklore is filled with stories of zombies, ghouls and other characters from the nether world which has been past on from generation to generation filling each new listener with thrills, chills and more thrills.
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