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47 Years of love and all of a sudden tragedy in health, relationship, and faith trounced on, hope tossed aside, love torn in many pieces. Life has become a struggle just to stay together and hold on to my Annie Mae!
Every year my husband and I for Valentines Day we do something special for someone else. An elder is our community.
When we do things for others, it gives an joy and satisfaction that fills the heart.
My darling well very intelligent ..and the others are also ...but all girls make the same mistakes of their own..All world's daughters are my own....
Today is like a graduation day to me. I celebrate my life for what it is and how I overcome all problems set right before me.
This is a continuation, a sort of reflection-revelation to me. I dig very deep to the main cause of my difficulties and all my doubts and indeed I found some real answers.
Love is a gift that will last forever, you will always have the memory of your loved ones.
This is a poem I wrote for Easter Day and read it in our Cafe Church Service ..
This is my version in poetic form of Good Friday - The greatest Friday in all History .
A list of gift items for your lovely one. If you don't find any gift to give from this list, Amazon gift cards will be the best gift in my opinion. Check it out-
This article gives the Real Value of a Gift which is based on the affection
This article is about receiving unexpected gifts from our relatives and family members.
Love is an unrealizable promise. We all have been promised our soul mates. But can we find them in this crowd of 6 billion people. Another set of Random Rantings
A look at what children bring to our lives from the birth, through childhood, teenagement adulthood and marriage. This is meant to explore what joy and happiness surrounds the atmosphere when there is a child either in the household or in the making. It also serves as a reminder that ...
This article is about getting gifts from our online friends as a sign of good friendship
This article is about giving valentines Day gifts. This kind of gifts are the best way to show our real affection.
This page is about kids, who are the real gift from the god to the mankind. Child is our treasure.
Smiling is something that we take so often for granted...yet it can have a real impact on those who pass us by... This is a true story, that happened to me one afternoon, walking through a churchyard on my way to work....
A short summary about the Taj Mahal. Learn about the beauty of love.
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