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Came to know that you made one Girl friend. A friend was pulling my leg.... I said save the third one... He laughed as you all are now
"She is the one for me!" "She is gorgeous!" "She is my dream girl!" Well these thoughts do cross the mind or heart at least once in a boy's life! And then suddenly life becomes so beautiful! Everything seems so easy! Aah! That feeling! This poem is for you and your love! Enjoy!
There might be ample qualities that make men irresistible. But women being the fairer sex have created certain stereotypes in men that they would never want to be seen with.
I was posted at one of the Southern air bases as a young officer. I infringed the rules by taking my girl friend up in a chopper of the Air Force
The Burj Khalifa is an engineering marvel and worth a visit. It is the tallest man made structure in the world.
This incident is almost two decades back. I as a young officer had taken my girl friend from Kerala to a flight of bliss in an Air Force Chopper.
Mustang is a great machine, but you have to concentrate while driving
i have a girl friend from the Philippines and she is great company. is an English dating site, but can be accessed from anywhere in the world. its a fun site for friendship and serious relationships. the site allows you to show case your liking through a questionnaire. a Brazilian site is offering fake face book girl friends for a charge ranging from ten dollars to 99 dollars starting from 3 days to 30 days
The Invisible Man reflects on his past thinks so lovingly of his dearest friend. A tiny girl who had the courage and strength to help him many years ago.
Read on to find out how three apples changed the world..
It’s your mailbox that makes you uncomfortable and you have been expecting and waiting for a reply from a new girl you had just met on Internet.
When you divorce, you feel you may never want to see that person again, but if you have children, that is not possible
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