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Have you ever had something that you couldn't even give away? And you didn't want to pay a steep extra fee at the landfill? Recently it happened to me. So here's what I did.
When I have a spare moment I intend to de-clutter my home of all the things I don't need ....I'll make a start anyway !...
Reflecting on my life back through the years I have come to the conclusion that I have many times been a self give away. It does not matter who I was with, where I was, or what I attempted to do, I always have been a self give away.
It is often said that, "The Money is in The List." There are various ways of building that list. One way is to use an e-book as a viral tool. See how we can do it with this particular e-book.
This article will show you how to obtain supplies for various projects, at no cost to you!
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