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If you have fallen and feel like giving up because you've fallen too often? Please join me! You're not alone. You'll never be alone.
The Peace of God is readily available to those who accept His Son as their Savior. Others may also be able to tap into it for short periods from time to time. Though rather elusive, peace is not extremely difficult to obtain and maintain.
Smoking is a pleasure for the smokers who does not know how their bodies are being damaged. It is their habit to smoke and enjoy the smoking in spite of the warning printed on the cigarette packet that smoking is injurious to health.Smo...
Everyone knows someone like this,,Think they have a higher intelligence,Others disagree.True colors,are shown eventually.
This page is all about the never giving up attitude. The page tries to bring about a never giving attitude in the mind of the readers. The page shows the readers why one should never give up.
Happiness is most important part of living,so be happy...........
This article is about giving up our bad habits, we have the ability to give up our unwanted habits with our determination.
Learn how your words can make a huge difference in your relationships with your family, friends and with your spouse.
Another poem dug deep from the depths of my wishful heart, this time a tale of passion and optimism . I'm such a softy
A poem for a relationship that is already over for quite some time.
Smoking was said to be an act of fascination. The result of smoking causing please to one’s mind and also to one’s own attitude was said to be an esteem. Smoking was said to be a choice of lifestyle but now it is the reason for thousands and millions of death all over the world du...
A Faith poem about how even in our darkest moments, knowing nothing can be salvaged, it is never our nature to give in.
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