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What Jesus did for God, impressed Him so much to the extent that God also did something of eternal glory for Jesus, in that, God empowered and raised Jesus’ name even above His own name! For instance, we do not rebuke or bind Satan in God’s name but in Jesus’ name. We do not cas...
There are people that live in the street and everyday they cry out for help.Do you ignore them? Or do you try to help?
Romance and affection is important in a relationship. To express passion, and feeling to one another can be a great thing. . Giving and receiving, we give our friendship and our physical and emotional self.
Sure it seems like shameless pandering to the holiday for any readaers I can find but, that's only because it is! I've no shame in admitting I need my readers. In fact, spoiler alert! They're on the list! Bear with my nearly tongue-in-cheek but completely serious gratitude list.
Oneness gives itself as love to each of its infinite parts to sustain them. When you fight against oneness, you are only ever just fighting against yourself.
Christmas is not just a season ... it should be within us throughout the year and celebrated all year round.
My darling well very intelligent ..and the others are also ...but all girls make the same mistakes of their own..All world's daughters are my own....
Success is not just what you have, it is what you do to maintain it, and how you accomplished it.
The 10th in the More Than Series. This one about Joy.
From the prompt on Devaint Art Group write a poem about success.
Some acts of kindness are so extraordinary they need to be made known to many.
You will find here a summary, of poets tribute on the Poet Tree. A short history of how and why it came to be. My best description of this tree that is growing. The poets specific inspirations are all a part of it's growth and creation. You see the roots are forming now, to grow a tr...
A short poem about the rich and poor of the world, and how giving makes you feel so great, also I ask the question why are we not doing more !
~sometimes roaming~learning secrets~developing habits~protective of my space in crowds~a lobo & a lamb chop~community possessions~legitimate assemblage~the questionable integrity of strangers all~
November PAD Challenge Day- 16 use the last line of the 15th challenge as the first line for this challenge.
Teach me the way to freedom is a spiritual conversation between a teacher and student. The conversation takes place in the school of life where the lessons are usually hard. The subject is freedom.
~I spent my time in the desert~1000 days~a place called california~crawling through the mess of me~away from my people~looking or the rest of me~scribbling on a steno pad~the 981st day I was eating breakfast at denny’s &…~
A little bit of a rant about people (myself included) who do things for others out of guilt or obligation, or strictly for show. We need to stop that, and start doing more things out of love; because we WANT to rather than because we HAVE to.
Charity always begins at home, and you never know where it will lead.
Wyatt Erber, 8, won a thousand dollar scavenger hunt prize and promptly donated it to a two year old neighbor girl to help pay for her chemotherapy treatments.
How do you attract money? This is a question that most of us want the answer to. Money brings good and evil in this world and that is a part of the challenge of attracting money. Yet this attraction is in many ways a reflection of how we live with those around us. Ultimately this will...
A poem about having a dream, how it keeps you going through life and why everyone should have one.
So many people are suffering right now through illness, loneliness, violence, losing homes, loved ones, , , , This was my prayer, my cry for help myself maybe when the flashbacks for an old rape came back after almost forty years.. (story linked at the bottom) ....written in 2010
There are those of us that have learned to give, it is a curse at times. As those that we love and those we just might like, take all you got, tie it up and cut it with a knife. It goes, it flows and finally soils, as life goes on.
This article is a part of a series of uplifting thoughts for each day of the year, by Peter B. Giblett, which by living through each day and changing ourselves for the better should lead to a better and more successful year.
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