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Global Aridity Today we all in the cauldron of seasonal heat play Why dismay
Mankind is still existing as if we are all riders on a storm.
My opinion on global warming and a few ways to fight the menace
This time we will try to "read" arguably the greatest conspiracy in the history of the world at the end of the age. Analysis drawn from a variety of sources is intended to dismantle the biggest lie of the century.
A global disaster in the making with the decline of the Honey Bee.
We, as the people of the world, are in a new age in history and we need to adapt ourselves and evolve both spiritually and morally. We are reaching a new age of global connection. This is especially coming true in our modern age.
Newton’s laws states: For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. This is indisputable! However, most people do not realize that this unquestionable law of physics also applies to every aspect of our lives and the world around us!
We are advancing exponentially every year. How fast and how far can we go? Will we be the cause of the extinction of life on our planet? We are one human family. Its time for each of us to be responsible. Time is very short!
The times of today are very similar to a dark period of our past.
This is a reminder that the world is still at the brink as it was right before the last presidential election
The many economists of developed countries saying, that losing jobs is part of the deal to harvest long gains seems far fetched.With every one having their own interpretation of outsourcing of jobs, it is an open debate. A debate in which it is hard to say who is rightfully on your s...
Are we to blame for global warming or is it something far bigger. The Sauropods may have produced more methane gas than all modern sources combined. The Sauropod a long-necked, long-tailed dinosaurs one of the largest ever land animals could have produced enough methane to have "an im...
A article talking about what is being sprayed in our skies.
This report is about weather manipulation and the effects that it has on our planet
Mark Gordon Brown, the beloved Wikinut moderator always encourages the many poets of the Wikinut community by reading their poetry and posting inspiring comments. This free verse poem is a humble submission to [link=
Your search for a guide to overcome the recession ends here! Find all the tips to help you emerge a survivor of this global economic meltdown.
Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of Earth's near-surface air and oceans since the mid-20th century and its projected continuation.
The recent crisis in Europe seems to have done the US dollar a favor. The fall of Euro and the problems in Euro zone mean that those who view Euro as a viable alternative to dollar will need to think again. Maybe, the dollar will reign supreme for a while, before it is challenged agai...
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