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Sea Level rise's among the Estuarine habitat around Australia is staying longer over the mud flat areas not allowing for the time of drying between large tides like king tides compared to some ten years ago. This in return has caused collapsing of banks due to the extra weight
The volcano of Kilimanjaro is losing its snows. The situation is serious for millions of people depending upon the water and rich vegetation on green slopes of Kilimanjaro.
The policies of government for the last 35 years have paved the way for Americas decline
Kilimanjaro glaciers which have already diminished significantly, are melting away at such speed that by 2033 they will have disappeared once and for all.
What global warming aka Climate Change, has done and continues to to to all of the planets life forms.
The planet is face with a clear and present danger that no leader is seriously addressing. The fate of mankind is at stake.
Global Aridity Today we all in the cauldron of seasonal heat play Why dismay
The environmental circumstances are urgent subjects of analyzing under the conditions of intense technologies and the industry’s progress. This socially positive process is not such one for the environmental system. We need to observe the next phenomena to protect ourselves awarenes...
What mankind must do to stop a global catastrophe from happening due to climate change
Global warming has been the talk around the world with several world leaders meeting in Paris to discuss the ramifications of Global warning.
In the 21st century a few notable environmental issues have emerged. These environmental issues have been left open to much debate in the United States regarding their own environment policies, and whether enough is being done. Here are a few of the foremost environment issues.
What the impact of climate change is doing to increase the population of the worlds poor.
This is an article reflecting upon the damage we humans have done to our precious planet. We all need to do our part and go green.
Global warming has to be addressed and steps to negate it's effects must be implemented before a disaster hits.
Wikinut writer LeRain has been on a mission to convince readers that climate change is a hoax ever since she joined this site. It's time someone called her out for writing her tales of fiction.
Ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are melting faster than ever
We are now in the age of decadence where the future looks bleak at best unless we implement reforms.
Privately, fossil fuel companies were acknowledging the truth of man-made climate change as far back as 1981, but now for the first time, a major energy company has publicly admitted that global warming is real.
It turns out that the fossil fuel industry knew long before the rest of us that their extractions were causing global warming, and that they embarked upon a deliberate disinformation campaign to confuse the public and cast doubt upon climate change.
According to research by McGill University physics professor Shaun Lovejoy, the temporary halt in global warming trends is indicative of natural fluctuations in temperature.
The most serious effect of climate change, ocean acidification, gets very little attention in the media, yet it may - if not reversed - wipe out all life on the planet.
Every year we are reminded of our responsibility to take care of Mother Nature through Earth Day celebration. Let not the actions remain on this day but throughout our living days
By the end of this century, most of Canada's glaciers in Alberta and British Columbia will have disappeared as a result of global warming.
It will come perhaps sooner than we think. Millions of people will pack up and move out of California and Arizona for wetter climes.
Regaining the ability to think for yourself and use evidence you see and hear for yourself
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