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Community life has a major role to play in the formation of individual personality,building up of interpersonal relationships with the members of the families and its societal integration, failing which no individual family can survive on its own strength,though there are instance...
We, as the people of the world, are in a new age in history and we need to adapt ourselves and evolve both spiritually and morally. We are reaching a new age of global connection. This is especially coming true in our modern age.
Introduction: The event of global warming has posed alarming challenges that prompt us to address our day to day household inefficiencies. But there are easy steps that every individual can take to offset the severity of global warming.
Did you know that the World has about 135,488,200 square kilometers excluding Antarctica which has about 14 million square kilometers. There are about 237 states and Territories.
This article evaluates the role the World Bank plays on Globalisation. Exploring both positive and negative implications, engaging in subject specialist literature and empirical evidence(which is referenced appropriately.
Am a student busy in studies and in an online job at wikinut. I read the works from those written by Shakespeare to that of Dan Brown, Nicholas Sparks and my recent favourite Josephine Angelini.My cell phone is that of Nokia and one of Samsung.The favourite artists of mine range fro...
For 250 years we have been polluting the planet in order to achieve the fantastic quality of life we have today. Can we afford to continue to do so? Are there any alternatives?
This report is about weather manipulation and the effects that it has on our planet
in this page you can read all about Globalization the process which is now common . the newly emerged MNCs in the globalization process has transformed our world in a variety of ways.
China is forecasted to be the world's largest economy by the middle of this century. Is this a prediction that will come true?
In this 21st century, ‘Global Warming’ has become the scourge of our environment. It is the direct consequence of various adverse human activities. We will soon lose our own existence if we don't stop these effects of global warming rising.
This is a high-level review of Software as a Service or Cloud based computing needs in the current economic environment. Clearly there are pros and cons in arguing for any type of solution to be adopted. Every corporation must make their own decision of the approach that must be adopt...
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