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Fathom sphere spills out over the ocean, swirling winds, and storm reform where the modern cruise ship plunder the waters under camouflage veil, luxurious cruise liners Sail amidst the straights and blustery gale.
yesterday I was talking to a lady whom I considered to be classy. You know, well dressed, prim and proper, well educated, bla bla bla ... sad part was, she had the worst case of cynicism. Wow, I mean she was a negative person ... she had nothing good to say about anything. Sad ... I'...
A free verse poem emphasizing the importance of finding light in today and tomorrow, so as to move out from the darkness of past.
I have always said each of us must follow our own path and the choices we make will lead us to where we want to go or no. I choose and walk the path of Light and Loving but I do know that I have too keep choosing every second...and so it is..
It seems that as the planet moves through its moods so do we too...some of us are aware of the movements some are not...but when in a blue mood downward swing really the best thing to do is to look up and smile and with the help of some very good friends as I have here we will be on t...
Sometimes, life gets us down, but hold on, stay in the game, because just around the corner, when we least expect it, something wonderful is about to happen with and for you! Have hope!
A short poem about the wish for winter to leave and the hope that summer will be here soon.
An old miser locks himself away in a dark room counting an recounting his money. The rest of the family are as poor as church mice.
"From the maternal gloom original light came... ...and I was born by chance..."
The gray weather of two chilly seasons reflect very different moods...
The quiet beauty of the woodlands is the hush wonder of ancient mystery...
A very profoundly sad poem of life. This is very heartfelt, yet not to be discarded--so read!
~I shouldn’t say them~their schizophrenic power~how can I deny them~they said~love cannot save you from fate~only a god who knows how to dance~something about the unselfish, self-sacrificing love of brutes~death, the truest form of love~
I wrote this poem at a time in my life when I was suffering with severe depression. I am so pleased that these days have now long gone and I am now much happier. I thought hard about whether to submit this poem or not but decided it may give hope to people who may be thinking the sam...
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