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If you have a big family and want a clean house this winter, here is a way to organize the outdoor gear your family wears.
A sport's fan analysis on the biggest boxing fight fight yet to see in this generations the Mayweather vs Pacquiao rivalry.
Grandparents often play a major part in the lives of their grandchildren. They had a great impact on my life.
People who met Manny Pacquiao in real life find him amazing. Press people enjoy asking him questions candidly getting a straightforward answer which are oftentimes innocent. If you will listen to his interview and you're a native speaker of the language in which he responded, you'll b...
My aunt, bless her soul, was trying to reason with an eight year old, when reasoning didn't work, she asked me if I could think logical about what it was I wanted to do....logical? what was that!!
A tribute to one of the greatest wicket-keepers who ruled the roost.
Love is such a powerful emotion, a wonderful feeling, a very complex word to use, this time I want to talk about the one kind of love that never ends, the one and only secret love :)
We may have escaped snow at Christmas, but it’s here now with a vengeance. Read on to find out more.
Try and guess what 20th century invention i am, and then try it yourself.
Ok we have covered our ABC's S.A.M.P.L.E now it's time to cover some of the injuries you might encounter. I have also included the different types of bleeding, and the scale of urgency attached to each type. But again remember you always must protect yourself scene safety and GLOVES ...
I have found a use for old bread bags, the cellophane ones that bread come in.
With the weight of all the protective clothing combined with tools and equipment firefighters use to combat a fire compounded by the heat from fire, stem, and body heat all these factors can cause the firefighter heat exaltation, heat stroke and even death.
This conversation happened in between a child and his mom's lover
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