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I'm a firm believer in natural beauty. I do not believe it should be hidden under copious amount of makeup. I agree beauty can be enhanced. But subtly.
A nonet poem about how meditation can help one clear his/her vision, thus leading to renewal of insight.
I designate to you who cannot see further than the end of your nose how truth, love and freedom will set you free and how hatred and bigotry will send you back to earn the fruits of such negativity...always your choice,,make it a wise one....
God gave us the greatest gift of all, his love and salvation, and he started that with the birth of Jesus, which we celebrate at Christmas!
Yes as youth that light is bright and intense but as time moves on there is that diminishing
With your marriage just around the corner, you must be getting a lot of tips mostly beauty and fitness based. Here are some tips that are 'you' based; karma tips to a happier and more glowing you.
A short poem about the rich and poor of the world, and how giving makes you feel so great, also I ask the question why are we not doing more !
This poem took me actually a couple of months to write and if there was one request to the reader, I wish for them to stay mature. Every now and then, I like to make a poem about girls or sex and all that good stuff. But overall, it is truly something that is artistic in poetic value;...
Pearls are different from gemstones in many ways. For example, pearls come from beneath water, whereas gemstones come from beneath the earth.
Often words of a song can inspire you. Telling another of the inspiration can often in the world we live in be turned around and used to hurt.
About a make believe place called "Evergreen." A story poem about make believe fairy fireflies.
This song was written because of a beautiful little girl of 5 years who has the ability to light up your heart with her smile, and you just breathe in the rainbow! I am always looking for someone to put it to music, if you are interested please let me know. Thanks for reading, hope yo...
From the picture of the same title by Cassia. Dedicated to my husband Troy.
Facts about a new type of fish that might appear in the future. A type of sport that man and wife etc., could do together.
Reflective surfaces are all around us, but one of the most magical, has to be that of reflection on smooth water...A fluid Looking Glass...A Lake of Mirrors...
Butterflies are the animated flowers. They always amuse me.
In 1915, Sabin von Sochocky a keen amateur painter, developed a paint that glowed in the dark, thanks to its special ingredient, radium, a brilliant white highly radioactive substance discovered in 1898.
No matter what we are going through, someone can make that difference.
Many of us do not have time to visit the parlors and get fresh look. The best choice that we have is to do facial all by ourselves. Here are few of them, we can do to make our skin look fresh and glow:
How to chose the right lip colors and look chic at all times!
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