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An article addressing the possible reasons for the lack of awareness in important world issues. We don’t know because we don’t care, and we don’t care because we don’t know, if you will.
Thought provoking this will be for many. I write about the current wickedness of many...those who manufacture genetically modified foods, rob and destroy everywhere. Pollute the environment...the list goes on and on...
The battle to label genetically engineered food and inform people what they are consuming is currently being lost, but we will fight on knowing that the American public wants it to happen.
You can heal your body simply by eating the right kinds of foods, and if you do, you will also be helping to heal the planet.
Eating out can be a joy and also a disaster! I have been writing reviews about restaurants around the world for over 25 years and have met the good, the bad and the very ugly. Sometimes great chefs give up the quality of their cuisine because of the demands of their unknowledgeable ...
Monsanto has no scruples. They are now invading our classrooms and pushing their lies as truth
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