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This poem might be a little bit personal, but I hope you will like it.
Royal Bengal tiger is very ferocious as we know all but we may have no knowledge about any real attack by this tiger. Do you know the story of any attack by the tiger? If a tiger aims to attack anyone, they will never come back from their goal ever. The tiger is ready to face any dang...
It's that time of year again but are New Year resolutions really the best way to achieve your goals?
Many of us have vague, idealized notions of what we want out of life. These notions float among the clouds in our heads.
The Holy Spirit moved me and extend my hands to this needy man whose child is in the hospital with cancer. How about us, did we do our part to help others? We are once live in this earth, anything that we have must be use to help our brethren in Christ. God is the provider, and we are...
Have you ever been told you would never make anything in your life but someone had the faith in you?.
No matter what - Don't give up , as God will lead you into victory if you keep following and trusting Him ....He will.
This article is about achieving our targets with our will power
This article is about setting goals in our life to get the progress
Having set a goal in life, it is always advisable to be patient and enjoy the life normally till it is accomplished instead of making our lives stressful after the goal.
"In the absence of clearly-defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it." -- Robert Heinlein, American Novelist
As you know from my previous post "Goal Setting for 2012" that written goals are the real goals otherwise you have only wishes.
Everybody wants to set goals to get success but nobody knows the simplest process of goals setting that`s why we have developed the simplest process of goal setting for you.
Goal setting is important in life. The effort you put forth in reaching your goal is rewarded in many ways. Success, monetary gain, self esteem, etc. But the most Important goal is key!
This article is about achieving our target. We must have a proper plan and organize our time to achieve our goal in our life
Motivation is very essential for the success in ones life. It can be achieved by steady practice.Ten easy steps are described in this essay.
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