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The direction that is easiest and most comfortable doesn't usually lead to the destination of your choice. You know why? Grab yourself a cup of coffee and follow me on my morning chronicle
Productivity should be play, because when it feels like fun and excitement, it is done better and with more quality. When productivity feels like work, that is when a wall of doing badly is hit and you should find something more satisfying to do.
Royal Bengal tiger is very ferocious as we know all but we may have no knowledge about any real attack by this tiger. Do you know the story of any attack by the tiger? If a tiger aims to attack anyone, they will never come back from their goal ever. The tiger is ready to face any dang...
This article has been created to help the average person find happiness in life and appreciate everything that happens to them.
What are you doing to achieve your goals? Do you work to accomplish them, or give up when they seem out of your reach?
in this article I will share with everyone how I have experienced that vision boards do work, and why.
This article is a review of my writings in 2013 and my goals in what I hope to accomplish in 2014. This has been an interesting ride for me and I hope that it will increase in 2014 and beyond.
It's that time of year again but are New Year resolutions really the best way to achieve your goals?
The Holy Spirit moved me and extend my hands to this needy man whose child is in the hospital with cancer. How about us, did we do our part to help others? We are once live in this earth, anything that we have must be use to help our brethren in Christ. God is the provider, and we are...
Have you ever been told you would never make anything in your life but someone had the faith in you?.
Society creates an unrealistic idea of the perfect life, I say fuck it.
This article is about achieving our targets with our will power
The demands of meeting a great goal inherently provides focus, the rest of life can seem not fair, but trivial by comparison.
Learn simple steps to take to achieve the goals YOU want.
A set of tools to help you achieve happiness in life & a reason you may fail.
It is interesting how one word can develop more than one, almost identical, definition yet convey an entirely different meaning. Have an agenda? Or are you pursuing your goals and visions? What brings positive change?
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