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Long-term goals that define the larger picture of life can include some goals for the short term. The smaller achievements are stepping-stones that help to move in the direction of achieving the greater objectives.
The direction that is easiest and most comfortable doesn't usually lead to the destination of your choice. You know why? Grab yourself a cup of coffee and follow me on my morning chronicle
this morning I am going to be straight forward. Not to be mean but because it’s reality check time. You need to be told and you need to hear it.
Productivity should be play, because when it feels like fun and excitement, it is done better and with more quality. When productivity feels like work, that is when a wall of doing badly is hit and you should find something more satisfying to do.
Tomorrow my life will change for the better! No. I am not a prophet or a fortune teller. I am claiming success before it happens.
It is time to redefine our goals to pursue the essentials that we all can resonate with. Now we are putting out one fire after other even creating new ones in the process. It should be a shared journey than one outsmarting another to increase the sphere of influence. Country borders a...
God is like the soil that we grow in. We can never separate ourselves from God. We must plant ourselves deeply within God, and then hope that he has included his purpose for us within the seed of our soul. Hope is the water that we supply to our seed to help it to grow into the real...
This poem might be a little bit personal, but I hope you will like it.
People who aim high in life may risk burning out, but those with ambitious goals who also avoid taking failure too seriously may not suffer as much emotionally.
Royal Bengal tiger is very ferocious as we know all but we may have no knowledge about any real attack by this tiger. Do you know the story of any attack by the tiger? If a tiger aims to attack anyone, they will never come back from their goal ever. The tiger is ready to face any dang...
When one has to prove himself, he has to achieve something and to achieve something,he needs to strive hard and show the courage to face the risks and then enjoy success.
To achieve a goal required a sacrifice such as money, times and efforts, but the value of the sacrifice depends on our appreciation to the goal itself
There are 2 matches playing for the Champions League. First one is Monaco vs Arsenal and the second one is Atletico Madrid vs Bayer Leverkusen. Read on for predictions for both match-ups.
It is said that you should celebrate every milestone you reach and with each milestone there are always lessons to be learned and as always (in my mind at least) lessons learned are best shared with others that will listen. Of course writing is about sharing knowledge and there is eve...
This tells of some technique in writing and doing freelance. Setting up goals is very important and helps to keep you going. It is very easy to lose momentum and stop writing unless you set yourself up ahead of time so this doesn't happen.
The new year is slowly ticking by. It is time to look at your regular routines and re-establish those that work for you.
For centuries people have made New Years resolutions and for centuries they have broken them. This article gives tips on how to make a successful resolution.
American Football is a popular game. My grandsons love it and get excited while watching it on TV. I, however, find it a funny game.
We all have our own personal hopes and dreams, which we aim to achieve during our life time and by setting goals and sticking to them, we can make all our hopes and dreams a reality.
This is a poem, for those who feel pressure to conform.
Are you trying to lose weight successfully? Read about some pitfalls to avoid when attempting to do this.
We tend to interpret truth and facts to suit our short-term goals and self-interest. The way towards coexistence is through having a common vision based on facts leading to truth. It is time we looked ahead leaving behind baggage that has only served to divide us
Our Tim, since five years of age his goal in life was to be tall, and a great basketball player of which he did achieve to some degree. We never would have dreamed just how far life would take him. Amazing!
This article is all about your dreams and inspiration. Success depends only on how you perceive your dreams and align your actions to accomplish your goals.
British Summer Time: yes, it's that time of year again! With an unexpected surge of sunshine gracing us with its presence, there’s no better time to make a change and banish the bulge! Let me share with you my words of wisdom and help you get back on track with some top tips that ...
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