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A poem that I wrote a while ago after a day of being in nature. Comments are open.
An insight to primary function of animals to human's, as a source of food, they contain proteins which is very essential to the body, transport means.
ThereĀ“re many ways to drink wine and this is a very traditional one in Spain.
Many farmers are now using Alpacas, or Llamas to guard their smaller livestock animals. Learn more about using Alpacas or Llamas as guard animals.
The dangers of not having a mind of your own and being a blind follower
Once upon a time there lived a wild goat in a jungle. She used to advice the wild animals and beasts about the prey. She was considered very wise and hence respected by all the beasts and beasts of burden
Poem about the Island of Inchkeith in the Firth of Forth
The first draft of Chapter Five of my epic adventure story. Visit my profile to read the previous four chapters.
Goat's milk is becoming more and more popular. Some people are even switching from cow's milk to goat's. Let us learn more about goat's milk.
Hundreds of people still visit the place a goat performed the ritual pooja of Lord Ayyappa. It happened in South India a few days ago.
A short poem extolling the virtues of the Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn
There are many different breeds of Goats and Sheep, sometimes they look a bit like one another. It is hard for people to tell some sheep and goats apart. Not all sheep have wool, and not all Goats have short smooth hair. Learn more about telling the difference between sheep and goa...
How Curried Goat is made in the country parts of Jamaica contra that served in the restaurants
High in the mountain tops of Kilimanjaro, sits a old forgotten Monastery. Cut off from all civilization, below a clear view of the evils of war. An extremely evil warlord is involved in the gruesome training of young African tribesmen, As the Monks look on helplessly.
How to use the Famacha system to treat haemonchus contortus (Barber pole worm) in sheep and goats
Milk is for babies and all species provide the perfect first nourishment for their young. Chinese people don't have milk and milk products in their adult diet, but still are rather successful reproducing plentifully. Other societies around the world do add fresh milk to their diet whi...
Whether you are into "self-sufficiency", healthy lifestyle or simply like to make your own cheese because you are vegetarian and want to use plant based rennet, here's recipe for making "Haloumi" cheese which comes to us from Greece.
A lesson of love and care to help save an animals life.
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