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Domestication of animals, in hindsight, is more a curse than a blessing. It is where they do not want to be instead of their natural habitat that is the main cause of their grief and suffering! - Jamie
With the help of his mother Rebekah, Jacob contrives to steal his brother's blessing.
Jacob's thoughts turn homeward and he asks Laban to give him all that is his that he may return to his own country.
How was nation established? Do you want to know how others climb to the top? Why do people fight for territories?
Some supposedly true stories that I heard in my youth.
Winters in Maine call for desperate measures. Especialy where heating ones old, drafty house is concerned. Yet, there ARE people out there who are warm...But, are they happy?
I am a Christian and my faith heavily influences my writing. I have begun to wonder whether or not predestination is a Biblical concept, and as I begin to lean towards believing in predestination, it leaves me with many questions. This poem strikes at the heart of my questioning. Can ...
Many farmers are now using Alpacas, or Llamas to guard their smaller livestock animals. Learn more about using Alpacas or Llamas as guard animals.
A short poem, based on a true story "A Gentle Reminder"
A short poem about a pair of two very special goats
This is a poem about a boat called "Pride of Inchkeith"
Goat's milk is becoming more and more popular. Some people are even switching from cow's milk to goat's. Let us learn more about goat's milk.
If you have a hobby farm, or acreage, you may be wondering how to prepare for the winter. How to keep your animals warm in cold weather, or how to feed livestock animals in winter.
Discription of a walk along the beach from a hired cottage heading towards Campbelltown. The walk was only two miles long but it had interest.
Nigerian Dwarf Goats Make Great Pets and are Good For Your Yard
This is a poem I wrote on Yahoo Answers, as an answer to a question asking for a poem using these words: 1- A herd of goats 2- A white horse 3- two wildcats 4- A dog 5- A cowgirl 6- A pizza hut Please critique this story poem.
~Stratification of existence~voices ringing~people fear death more than pain~loneliness more than both~strange~without music life would be a mistake~from the garbage dump~in love there is no wrong~long years of it erased by a moment of hatred~
There are many different breeds of Goats and Sheep, sometimes they look a bit like one another. It is hard for people to tell some sheep and goats apart. Not all sheep have wool, and not all Goats have short smooth hair. Learn more about telling the difference between sheep and goa...
If you have ever taken a drive in the country you may be aware of the occasional time when livestock (farm animals) get loose. Sometimes fences break, or gates get left open, and these animals find themselves on the road. What do you do?
Chickens are gaining popularity as pets mostly due to the fact they lay eggs, but people often wonder if they can keep their chickens together safely with other pets.
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