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CREATOR WHERE R U Creator is too busy creating He/she keeps all in hopes....... Creator is too busy creating MORE VARIETY
God requests all... Kindly listen to JC he is abs abs right God looks after you when you are out of his sight.....RIGHT!!!!
Who is God...‘‘I told you Sir are brilliance ‘’ and so are you all READERS who see visions in my poetry Thanks all...even to the one who condemns
We are as good as our actions, prayers and everything else we actively do. Our beliefs and realities are not an exception, but an exclamation point on all of these realities. To explain the why is very easy for me, but the how is very hard for me to explain without getting too wordy. ...
Where is God, Who...Typo GOOD minus an O becomes GOD, also a creation of one’s mind.Have FAITH in Him
Oh my God..Is an after thought... whether he exists or not but if you have Chemotherapy you just can't forget... God does exist ...Humour washes away ah tumour Now read on ...
Go grab yourself some coffee and join me in my little venting ... You ever have one of them days when everything is going wrong? Can't get anything to go right? Why does everything have to be such a struggle or a battle? Can't anything now and then go right or relatively easy? Here...
For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. they are focused on attending his will, God sees everything that happens on your street.
GOD is everywhere.We must have faith in orselves Why blame others we know not we may still be mistaken
My Wikis LORD We compose poetry just to remain in existence else others will forget us
And where is GOD?...The only thing impossible is one can't find God FAITH ...we must still have..shouldn't we? And where is GOD? The only thing impossible is one can't find God FAITH we must still have there must be a power beyond the beyond some day scientists w...
This is a true story from my youth about the nature of the world we live in and the love of He who made it.
Looking down from heaven the angels and God are in conversation about the world that is lost and struggling to survive a difficult and dark time. God looks at the angels and His son and they discuss the plight of the world. A Savior is needed to help a people in difficult times. Th...
This is a poem about lies we tell ourselves or lies we believe this goes all the way back to creation a poem for anyone who wants to find truth
Some say it is a had world to live in, while others seem to find their way without problems.
There are times, when we would just stop and think how hard life is.. Think if there is really someone watching and guiding us from above, times when we lose our faith..
Why is it that some people think that their position in life makes them better than anyone else? By society’s measure, people with better education, wealth, or status, get better opportunities.
My personal views on family and the world, God, organ donation and poetry.
Are we really going to take birth again. I had no answer. i was confused myself. "maybe"i said, "we might reincarnate" He asked me again - "tell me pratik, Are we really going to be taking again the form of a human?Will i be able to meet my family again.... " Know more about the cycle...
God has placed in man’s heart the desire for man to seek Him and nothing that man does can satisfy that strong “homing desire.” Since the “natural man’s spirit” is in darkness in this earth realm, then when he tries to find God through his own devices (religion) and appea...
Jesus made Heaven possible for everyone. By simply asking forgiveness of your sins, Heaven is just a prayer away
In God’s company!We all live at God's mercy But then why should any God have mercy We all are his..
This article explains what Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is and how it happens.
In the imagination lie memories and pictures of far off times...ones I spent somewhere else as you too probably did. Accessing these is not always easy because the mind gets in the way and says it cannot be or some such thing. I just persevere!!!! and am so glad I do....
Sheep will always follow their shepherd - no matter where he will lead them.
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