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We are as good as our actions, prayers and everything else we actively do. Our beliefs and realities are not an exception, but an exclamation point on all of these realities. To explain the why is very easy for me, but the how is very hard for me to explain without getting too wordy. ...
What is prayer and how does it change us? Why is it important? Keep reading and you will gain a new insight into the value of prayer.
I have often wondered if God himself has a soul. This article discusses this idea, by providing "proof" from the bible. God has stated there within the bible, that yes, he does indeed have a soul. The only conclusion that we can draw from all of this is that the answer is unarguabl...
Looking down from heaven the angels and God are in conversation about the world that is lost and struggling to survive a difficult and dark time. God looks at the angels and His son and they discuss the plight of the world. A Savior is needed to help a people in difficult times. Th...
This poem is for anyone who loves walking and always find relief and feel stronger after a walk this is for you if you are on a journey to understand, not that I do but this is a poem of feeling the ground and Gods Love thank you Peace and Love
This is a poem about lies we tell ourselves or lies we believe this goes all the way back to creation a poem for anyone who wants to find truth
In this article we learn what causes the sins we commit in our life. Through obedience God is honored, but by disobedience sin and spiritual spots begin to dawn on us.
No matter how short you are on money, resources, or ability, God has you covered and will provide what you lack. Please read on to see how God can and will do this for you in your life.
Understanding the significant comparisons between leprosy and sin offers us a better picture of what sin truly is, why God hates it, and how we should respond to it.
It's a Spiritual war for your very soul. You're in this war whether you think so or not. Are you equipped for such a war on your soul?
The Bible teaches that there is only one way to get to Heaven, through Jesus Christ.
Jesus made Heaven possible for everyone. By simply asking forgiveness of your sins, Heaven is just a prayer away
This article explains what Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is and how it happens.
Our duty as Christians, it is to fulfill the Great Commission. We are to “go into all the world” and share the Good News; we are to share how God has worked in our lives. Sharing our testimony is the easy part; leading someone to Christ, on the other hand, can be intimidating for ...
Sheep will always follow their shepherd - no matter where he will lead them.
This is all about putting our trust in God. He will never let us fall, God will never give up on us so we should not give up on Him. This is all about faith and trust.
We as One People who love our world, the beauty that it is and how we feel about its places and scenery. We are responsible for taking care of the world God has entrusted to us.
As my story unfolds in this journey to a relationship with God, I have been given some very clear signs. I am grateful for these even in the midst of my logical mind trying to make some other excuse.
When the sun beats down on this old world it leaves it cracked and dry ......but how does God see it ... and does He care ?
A why didn't I think of that lesson in heavenly etiquette in a dream.
To me the Saviour is many different things as this poem tries to express ... but He is also far more than I can say ...
I am a Christian and my faith heavily influences my writing. I have begun to wonder whether or not predestination is a Biblical concept, and as I begin to lean towards believing in predestination, it leaves me with many questions. This poem strikes at the heart of my questioning. Can ...
Time folds and overlaps, from front to middle, and middle to back, like seams in fabric, that are lightly sewn. A couple threads hear, a few more there, in just random spots, we know not where, they are quietly known. Like a great ball expanding, connected to others the same, where ...
From the aftermath and the carnage of the recent killings - who is to blame - and is there hope ?
The glorification of Jesus Christ after his death on the cross
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