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It is my passion to add some detailed articles with the warning contents about the consequences to befall the sinful generation of Human Beings when Our Mighty God Will be denouncing Judgement on that Coming Day of the Lord. My contents aim at making people repent and turn form evil w...
This article is a review of a small but powerful work by the Indian spiritual master, Hazrat Inayat Khan. Behind every note of music flows the energy of love. All music has been heaven sent. It is written with the help of the hands of the Gods. We are one of these Gods when we listen...
When I looked at the peaks of the Black Mountains in North Carolina my belief in God was further cemented. How could anyone ever say that there is no God?
The earth's wonders all abound, with loving hands and people all around. To love God's Creation throughout all time. Mother Earth calls me to her ground.
Parents, God's biggest present to us. Infant to teenager and then an adult, we are like clay in their hands. They make us what we are. In my future lives too, I want them to be my guiding force. Here's a Birthday gift for you, Dad.
Man is the crown of God’s creation. Created in His image, we are just like Him.
World environment has become a great concern of human life. It has become an essential duty of every human being. Every Christian conscience should ask today if it has been faithful to love and maintain what has been given to humanity by God.
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