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As followers of Christ we are encouraged to commit our way to the Lord. The next step is to Rest In Him. Because He is carrying our burdens, it isn't necessary for us to also bear them. Quite often that is exactly what we do. We cast our cares reluctantly on Him, then promptly tak...
This is a poem I wrote, I'm sure a lot of people can relate to it.
I can only write what I know to be true and from my own experience ...such is this poem which tells of the One whose hand held me through many dark valleys ... and He can you ...
All that you seek to be or hope to attain can become so if you are ready to give God free course in your life. St. John 14:14 says, “if ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it”. In John 16:24, Jesus challenges us to take Him at His word. “Hitherto have ye asked nothi...
Poetry, sharing experiences and ideas from visiting prisoners in Lehigh County Prison in Allentown, PA.
Christian bashers abound in this world. This is a message to them.
The world’s focus of attention is not where it should be. This is going to change dramatically.
I awoke to the sound of the radio today, the minister who was on was talking about God's grace. So I wrote this song.
This poem is my personal experience. The emptiness that I felt after my father's sudden demise provoked me to write this poem.
What is needed is a CAN DO attitude, positive thinking, regular medication and constant monitoring. The most important thing is CANCER IS CURABLE. Don't let the word cancer frighten you.
As a maturing Christian, the truth of God’s sufficiency becomes a great source of encouragement and sustenance. The God who does not lie has said to us that His grace is all we need.
Sometimes things just happen by chance or perhaps even through divine intervention.They bring emotions of awe and also an acute awareness to some, that somehow, possibly, we are not orphans of some exploratory,celestial beings, having been cast adrift on this Blue planet, to exist for...
Our Eternal Father, Your Son has promised us that anything we ask of You in Your Son’s name, You will definitely give it to us. Then why should we worry and spend our days in gloom and sorrow? Please do interrupt and disturb us, Oh Lord, whenever we forget You and go astray.
I cannot fathom being stuck out on the nations highways, without food and water, or any of the comforts of home that I have grown accustomed to.
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