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CREATOR WHERE R U Creator is too busy creating He/she keeps all in hopes....... Creator is too busy creating MORE VARIETY
God requests all... Kindly listen to JC he is abs abs right God looks after you when you are out of his sight.....RIGHT!!!!
Who is God...‘‘I told you Sir are brilliance ‘’ and so are you all READERS who see visions in my poetry Thanks all...even to the one who condemns
Where is God, Who...Typo GOOD minus an O becomes GOD, also a creation of one’s mind.Have FAITH in Him
Oh my God..Is an after thought... whether he exists or not but if you have Chemotherapy you just can't forget... God does exist ...Humour washes away ah tumour Now read on ...
GOD is everywhere.We must have faith in orselves Why blame others we know not we may still be mistaken
My Wikis LORD We compose poetry just to remain in existence else others will forget us
Jacob's thoughts turn homeward and he asks Laban to give him all that is his that he may return to his own country.
In Nigeria, there are lots of people who visit witch doctors for help in various aspects of their lives. This poem looks at such an encounter from the eyes of a cynic as regards traditional religion. Enjoy
And where is GOD?...The only thing impossible is one can't find God FAITH ...we must still have..shouldn't we? And where is GOD? The only thing impossible is one can't find God FAITH we must still have there must be a power beyond the beyond some day scientists w...
This is a poem about sunrises and how they are a gift to human kind.
This is a poem about walking along with Neptune, Anubis and Isis.
This is a poem about the gods that i have faith in walking with me.
In the name of beliefs, few manage to dictate their wicked agenda. The irony is the vast majority are held hostage by few by setting one against another playing on our emotions. When common sense is allowed full play, our differences fade away. Our goal is clear - mutual coexistence d...
It's a pity that there are people who still believe their gods must drink virgin blood.
Religion is ultimate absolute faith in God,It is well known fact that faith brings God but argument makes it far. Religion makes the person humble and wide tolerance towards each and everyone,Those who are religious have ample faith in existence of the Gods and the Goddesses.
Have you seen that person who, like Atlas, is carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, or is that person you? He stared at me from across the street the other day, until I realised that it was my own reflection - which gave me great concern, was I really like that?
If anyone makes a careful study of the whole bible, they might think that the God of the old Testament is a different God to that being depicted in the New. The old Testament God, is angry, hateful and vengeful at times, the one in the new Testament is just pure love, loving.
Are we really going to take birth again. I had no answer. i was confused myself. "maybe"i said, "we might reincarnate" He asked me again - "tell me pratik, Are we really going to be taking again the form of a human?Will i be able to meet my family again.... " Know more about the cycle...
Do you believe spirits live in another dimension? Do you believe Jesus created bread and wine. The power of the human mind has no limit.
Always on the planet throughout time there have been those who hold the wisdom of the ages...not your silly 2 plus 2 make 4 but eternal truths that will always is and so will be
Yoga -- Not just streching, but an ancient method for attaining self-transcendence and union with the God-Being.
Am watching Clash of the Titans so am immersed in heavenly Gods! Zeus and all the others too...a fantastic fantasy indeed but with a ring of truth all through...see the movie if you will and enjoy this page too...
Moving Day is a very dangerous day. Never forget the reach of thy might, thy formless flexibility, thy fluid flow eluding even a name, lest you make it so. Thou art but a muon; there and gone before thou couldst be known, but part of a greater whole.
A collection of the oldest known verses expressing the beginning of The Epic of Gala. It draws a connection to the Zanar Mythology.
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