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Up early this morning and killed a little spider so I thought I would write about it.
Translate from: Galician Arab Emirates Gold DMCC ( ) has launched the first physical trading platform in the Middle East in search of gold and silver , bringing e-commerce to the lucrative gold core of the region and the silver market . known for its competitive price...
Learn how to invest for the future by converting your retirement funds in to something worthwhile
It's funny how a thing can change your whole life. A bluster of wind on a March day many years ago blew away my gold star. A star that I had worked hard for, a thing so beautiful it bought tears to my young eyes. An event so important that it changed a whole lifetime.
This is the second in my "What's in a Name" series, this time I look at Colours, and why a certain colour is given as a name.
Wedding rings symbolize commitment in marital life. There are many physical and psychological benefits in wearing wedding rings of which many people of modern generations are not aware.
What the shills in the media won't tell you... astute investors realize media hypes about the economy turning around is blatant lying....instead, an impending Financial Tsunami is just ahead... those in the know are already taking to the hills as well as making the right investments t...
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