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"Silence is Golden", a quotation that rings true as its core.The ability to remain quiet and in control of oneself during the appropriate time is a profitable and undervalued skill, I shall discuss this further below.
I adore the beauty of her eyes... I have enjoyed the beauty in her eyes for now over fifty long years.God's mercies
Is it possible that golden "Taurus" was a deliberate mistranslation by Aaron in his attempt to get control of the priesthood away from the Levites? He knew it was not Taurus but Torus, torsion field.
Famous for his Fabergé eggs, Peter Carl Fabergé was a Russian jeweller who made his name when he started to make precious metals and gemstones Easter eggs A genuine Fabergé egg can fetch anything up to £20m and that's not bad for an Easter egg
A man appeared saying, I have a golden sword and I can’t find it, can anyone help me find it? Anyone that fined it, I will give him/her the treasure of life.
Patience is the ability for you to wait for your time and everything will become beautiful for you.
This last Sunday's sunny, cold, and windy September day played over in my mind all through the week, and became this Autumn poem I share with you today.
Come and join me on this long June evening. Watch the the mystic wonder of the forest embrace the summer night.
This is such a beautiful time of year when the Forsythia bush explodes into glorious colour , brightening the dullest day ..... along with other beautiful reminders of Springtime.
A brief review of the Northern Lights Wolf Center, located near Golden, British Columbia. A small road side tourist attraction with real wolves.
A man on a mission, that has eluded him many times in his life. A quest from the gods a quest that has me chasing my dreams. If only the day came and my dream had come true I could then rest in piece.
There is a deep sympathy for the falling of the American dream, and many feel it.
Why do we reach for the intangible? Is reaching for a dream good for us?
The Hunger Game heroin won the golden and hosted the famous show.
We are dealing with the golden years. They come too soon, but don't stay long enough, now there isn't time or energy to do all the thing we wanted to do when we retired..
Morning tea on the porch is now a time to drink in the wonder of Maine, as the leaves begin to change they proclaim the coming of autumn.
Here’s a poem I wrote about a year ago. It's about and old man and a tree.
A poem about a golden carp that was stolen from my garden pond yesterday. All my family are of course a little upset.
A quick poem about a walk I had last spring/summer. Some things I saw and nture at it`s best.
Two poems of Spring's gift - the wondrous joy of daffodils!
A mornings walk is a golden journey of September memories.
A personal account of my frustratingly close encounter with artist Kit Williams's golden hare, together with the story of its unearthing and his subsequent activities.
In the region referred to as the Lowveld, there is a certain mountain pass called the Long Tom Pass, named after the long barreled canon used during the battles of the Anglo-Boer War. It is along this pass and also around the foothills, of this rugged but scenic area, that President P...
This tale had nothing at all to do with creatures of the feathery kind, neither for that matter does the word race imply any caste, lineage or decent nor even an inkling of motion. The man's last words as he lay dying were; " It's good, but i'ts deep and well hid. They'll never find i...
How often we need to fill the space around us with noise, or chatter, rarely taking time out to enjoy the silence and the quietude it brings...Sometimes it is just as important to take time out....and enjoy those rare golden moments...
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