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In the back yard we had Black Dog, the most beautiful long haired black female dog, who is one of two children of the long departed Wolverine. Now she's disappeared.
Normally I write contribution using Evernote, then transfer the end result to the site where I intend to publish the article, then after a little polishing, error correction, editing, and SEO preparation it is ready for publication. Occasionally I type directly into the site where I w...
This article relates how the feeling goes if love is lost.The feeling of loneliness and emptiness always evades the actuality of circumstance that tends to multiply the previous episode of love that is supposed to vanish all throughout.
When love dies, It ceases to exist. And the flame that used to be, Ceases to persist.....
I decided to write a novel because i have been watching a Masterpiece Classic...any Human Heart by Wlliam Boyd....well this started off as An Illicit Affair and immediately morphed in to poetry as set out below..I guess not the time yet for my novel...enjoy anyway...
Never Cry for what is gone, just think that the gone is gone forever and never could be back, but try for better than what has lost.
We live in an age of noise, an age of ranters, an age of loss of integrity..yet even these can make an interesting story if you know how place words together, string them like pearls on a read on and enjoy...if you will!
It seems a perpetual happening that those who do good become targets for those who do bad...time and time again we have seen this over the centuries...much has been written about this clash of light and I will too again...
Poetry filled with dept and emotion on the topic of love and on heartbreak.
There are times in each of our lives when loved ones either move away or they die , and leave us alone and sad ... this is for all who are experiencing that right now ...
fictional but thought provoking! Is there somebody you know who may be struggling to cope with their child that you could help?
When you are no longer with someone you loved do you go over and over in your mind and wonder why. And the feelings that come up are they hurt or anger or even more. Time perhaps to let it all go as I am doing.....
The loss of love, and the consequences to the loser are illustrated here!
There comes a time for each of us when we need to let go of past regrets and sorrows , and move forward into the new day of tomorrow' s gain...
When all is said and done what will they say about you. Will they remember you for good or for bad. Will you look down and bless or curse...questions only you can answer if you Will......
This poem is dedicated to those who have lost a loved one ....but who have an assurance they will meet again ...beyond the deepest blue horizon.
As We leave the past behind and step into the New Year - what do we take into the future with us ?
November PAD Challenge Day 9- When He's Gone. Write a poem with that in the title or somewhere in the poem. Dedicated to my old best friend Adam.
A kid shows the classroom a special pet for show and tell!
Our world is no longer the same ... You have to be in a distant and full of holy light ... And I was too stiff in the quiet and waiting to meet you However who knows when can we meet again And together again as usual
Each moment be it happy or sad will always fade into yesterday
This poetry is dedicated to my Grandma who passed away on Sunday, December 11, 2011.. She will always be here in my heart..
Very Short Haiku Poetry - Poetry with a message worth a thousand words
A very heart breaking poem when i was in a very deppressed situation.
Stacy needs help, she is so desperate, and she doesn't know which way to turn.
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