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This article is all about how video games are way better than books. For the little ones reading this article, this is great for the ones that are told that books are way better than video games.
All good books deserve a good review. They need to be brought to the attention of those who need to read them. The book being reviewed here is one such book. We can deny the truth for only so long in our human minds, and bodies. Our soul's truth will always get through to us somehow ...
A young adult goes through a lot on a day to day basis. In some of the instances they tend to seem confused and without a sense of direction in their lives. Through reading books, the young adults can be able to identify and learn of how to lead their lives more comfortably than ever ...
Winter is fast approaching and its time to start settling onto the sofa with a good book. So here's some ideas if you're stuck
Long before Harry Potter was even a twinkle in JK Rowling’s eye, Middle Earth captivated millions of young and old around the world. Tolkien’s masterful description of Middle Earth, the depth of his characters and the riveting nature of his story are beyond comparison.
Here are five book reviews -- three I loved; two I didn't like.
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