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Dill has become even more popular in recent years due to the Food Network, Martha Stewart and other culinary experts that demonstrate how to capitalize on the flavors of spices that once used to collect dust at the back of food cupboards.
In thought, the good person who lives by rational self-interest is right. Anyone who lives sacrificially in an overt way or destructively is wrong. I will expose how in this series of articles.
This is a series of mini-articles I am starting here on wikinut on good habits, positive affirmations, and many other self-improvement and health maintenence through good habit related topics that I do or come to me as ideas for that.
How one act or discovery can influence and create a chain of events that changes personal destinies
When I was a young lad when I had some money it was spent at my local sweetshop. I went to in for some sweets but it had been knocked down.
Any person can be capable of having a positive attitude when things are going well, but what really matters a whole lot more, is how you function when things are going poorly...
The desire of man to protect himself from unknown forces, or to create good fortune for himself, has led to thousands upon thousands of superstitions the world over. In fact, we can roughly divide superstitions into those that are supposed to bring good luck and those that are suppose...
Providence offered me a way out, but I had to say no.
What is called luck doesn't come to you by chance - it comes for a reason.
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