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Any person can be capable of having a positive attitude when things are going well, but what really matters a whole lot more, is how you function when things are going poorly...
Any religion we study - we find it a common that every one is talking about justice, truth and the right way, straight one. This article is focusing on the Islamic point of views, regarding the Impartial rule of law.
Where human rights are abused, women’s rights become a moon in the sky- Flaws in the Justice System.
Development approach by adjusting Bank credit and controlling inflation in Bangladesh.
People vote and elect that's it - the rest is just like monarchism or autocrat-ism. That's what we proud of - democracy.
While a crisis and corruptions are two kissing parties- A Scenario evolved to watch and stand alone!
Power tariff hike is a matter of whims, not a rationale in Bangladesh- Dilemma between people and Government
Lawlessness seems to be the order of the day in Bangladesh.
Government in Bangladesh is in disarray or intended to become sustainable- A quest for confusions.
When big mouth say we are doing no evil things, records say something else; see no evil, say no evil, hear no evil and stop no evil!
Bad governance, lack of transparency, and complicated procedures are major attributes of Independent India. They provide fertile ground for corrupt practices to grow. Global Integrity Report of 2009 also highlights some glaring flaws in Indian governance.
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