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Now is the time to reverse obesity and other bad life style choice. Research shows living a unhealthy lifestyle can shave seven years off our lives.
A good life starts with good habits, good actions and good thoughts, in that order. I put habits first and thoughts last and actions right in the middle because everything starts with the habits you establish within yourself. If your habits are good, you will ultimately get good resul...
This article shares you sort of reminder. You might exceed to the maximum allowance of your intake.
Good bye Johnny..Its been a long time since he walked my pages He was once a great mentor
Fasting is absolutely necessary for our good health. In a way, fast is a friend of our health because fasting provides an opportunity to rest for the digestive system of our body. It also gives a chance to rest for all our body organs if you want to keep a friendly relation with your ...
Air is getting increasingly polluted and only new technology can bring its purity back
This is a series of mini-articles I am starting here on wikinut on good habits, positive affirmations, and many other self-improvement and health maintenence through good habit related topics that I do or come to me as ideas for that.
In these day unemployment or low salary is a big problem for youths ,If you follow these tips you can get better job.
The key word is simplicity. Keep things as simple as possible.
This is page is about how to create desired results for good marks in your exams through meditation.
I love being a senior citizen able to enjoy my leisure activities with friends and family without the necessity to go out to work each day. Life holds so many joys and promises; each day brings something new. Thank you, God, for a wonderful life.
Go for walks and take up yoga exercise -yoga helps balance the mental and emotional levels. Relax with a book or listen to cheerful music.
Everyone can benefit from regular exercise. Adults and children need to exercise regular to have stronger muscles and bones and control the fat in the body.
Many have written on this subject..but I again want to bring it to the notice as truly your life and well being depend a lot on what you put in your body. There are of course other factors but let's concentrate on this today...tomorrow is another day I hope....
Common rashes are often called dermatitis, meaning inflammation of the skin; they involve changes in the color or structure of the skin including skin redness or inflammation. Typical rashes are also known as wounds, Rubor and Erythema.
This article is about the health benefits of Amla, The Indian gooseberry which is soury and sweety in taste but contains various health benefits in it.
This article is about the health benefits of drinking coffee
This is something we can all do that is absolutely free , and it can make all the difference to the one who smiles , and the one who receives a smile ..So why not try it !
Starting the day right doesn't begin from the moment we wake up - it starts from the amount of sleep that we get during the night. Sleep deprivation causes crankiness and a drop in motivation; two factors than can brew up the perfect unproductive storm in our busy lives. So here's a f...
Looking good is good business, as they said. Have you looked into the business of looking good and taken the opportunities that abound from looking good?
Any person can be capable of having a positive attitude when things are going well, but what really matters a whole lot more, is how you function when things are going poorly...
A one step up to try to remain in focus and keep in touch with your inner self.Just connect.
A spice rack is a must in every household.What it holds depends on the region in which the person resides.The common name which is found in almost every household,shop,alternative medicine shops is black pepper.
It dawned upon one time when I was at the supermarket that I was the only one without a bag of sugar in my cart. The ones ahead of me and the ones following me in the queue all had a kilo or half a kilo of sugar.
most of my mornings start with thoughts that i cant do away with... and luckily most of my friends love it if i share these thoughts with i have a compilation of these thoughts...
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